Is There a Bike Rack That Allows You To Open Trunk?

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If you are looking for a bike rack that allows you to open trunk, you should consider roof racks because they are completely out of the way. Other options include hitch bike racks with tilt-away or swing-away features. And you can also open the tailgate of your truck by getting truck racks that mount inside the truck bed away. This article has some of the best suggestions about racks that allow access to the trunk. You will also find out about the types of racks that are the most convenient in this regard. 

Top Suggestions for ‘Bike Rack That Allows You To Open Trunk’

Below are some of the bike racks that would allow you to open the trunk of your car. Some of them only let users open the trunk when bikes are not loaded, but the roof and swing-away racks do not need to be unloaded to open the trunk.

Thule UpRide

Thule UpRide is a roof mount rack that holds the bike through its wheel. This rack is for a single bike and installs on the roof only if roof rails are present. You can buy two of them and carry two bikes over the roof of your car and easily open the trunk. 

However, on some cars and SUVs, the rails extend out of the roof. This can damage the hatch when lifted upwards. So you can cut the rails to a suitable length just so you can access the hatch easily. 

Other than that, it is a great way to carry valuable bikes and you can open the trunk anytime you want. This rack does not hold the bike through the frame and can be moved from one side of the roof to the other easily. 


Entirely out of the way of the car trunk

No need to remove the front wheel


The bike has to be lifted

Thule Upride
Thule Upride

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SeaSucker Talon

This rack works for all vehicles whether you own an SUV, a sedan, a truck, or a van, you can use it to carry any bike. There is another benefit that you can install on the car wherever you want. For example, on the roof, at the hatch, inside the truck bed, etc. 

So, if you attach it to the roof, you will be able to open the hatch or trunk easily. In this way, the rack or bike will not come in contact with the trunk. You do not have to remove the bike for opening the trunk if the Seasucker Talon is installed on the roof. 

However, if you have installed it on the hatchback or the trunk, you should first remove the bike and then open the trunk. But since the rack is lightweight itself, there is no need to remove it. 


Can be installed on the roof or trunk

Easy to install and uninstall


If installed over the trunk, the bike has to be removed to access the trunk

The front wheel has to be removed and the bike has to be lifted

SeaSucker Talon
SeaSucker Talon

Thule EasyFold

You can also go for a hitch bike rack that allows you to open trunk, such as Thule EasyFold. This rack has a tilt-away feature that allows trunk access. You just have to remove the lever and pull the rack away from the trunk. The best part is that EasyFold can be tilted even when bikes are loaded on it.

The UpRide and Talon have a weight-carrying limit of 45 pounds but with EasyFold you can even carry two 65 pounds e-bikes. This makes it compatible with all types of bikes. But if you load heavy bikes, it will be difficult to tilt the rack. 

You can still manage it if you have help because it can be a job for two people. But you will require a hitch trailer for the installation of this rack on your car. 


Tilts away from the trunk

Can be tilted when bikes are loaded

Suitable for all types of bikes


Tilting can be a two-person job if heavy bikes are loaded


A hitch trailer is required

Thule EasyFold
Thule EasyFold

Thule EasyFold is the best rack for most cars and SUVs.

Thule Apex

Thule Apex is a good quality rack that offers a lot of useful attributes. The swing-away feature allows complete access to the trunk even when 4 bikes are loaded. This makes it easier to unload heavy or bulky cargo from the trunk. 

Although it is available in 2, 4, and 5-bike capacities, only the 4-bike version has this swing-away feature while the other racks only tilt. So this rack is suitable for people who have multiple bikes. 

Unlike EasyFold, it is a hanging-style rack so you might need Frame Adapter for some bikes. But it weighs less and you can easily swing it on the side. It also costs less than EasyFold. 


The swing-away arm takes the rack completely out of the way

The lightweight rack easily swings away


Bikes hang through frames

Thule Apex
Thule Apex

Inno Velo Gripper

If you own a pickup truck and need a rack that gives you access to the tailgate, you should get the Inno Velo Gripper. This is a very compact rack that fits on the side rails of a truck bed and grips the bike frame. 

It is available for two types of truck rails i.e., standard and C-channel rails. So it would be compatible with all trucks. It also works with most bike types but since it holds the bike through the frame, it is not preferred for carbon frames. But you can still add some cushion or padding to the hooks and use it for carbon bikes.

However, the empty space on the truck bed depends on the bike length. You should try to install the rack close to the cabin to save space near the tailgate. This rack is economical and you can carry two bikes on the truck if you get two sets. 


Does not prevent opening the tailgate



Only holds one bike

Inno Velo Gripper

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Which Type of Bike Racks Allow the Easiest Trunk Access?

Roof Bike Racks

Roof bike racks easily allow users to access the trunk or hatch of the car. These racks are completely out of the way as they are installed over the roof. So if you have to open the trunk often, you can get a roof mount rack. 

However, there are some concerns associated with this type. These racks cannot be used in places where you have an overhead limit. For example, in parking, tunnel, underpass, etc. The bike would increase the height of your vehicle and might result in an accident after a collision in low-roof places.

These racks require you to lift the bike and that can be difficult if you own heavy bikes. Some roof racks hold the bikes through the fork and you have to remove the front tire for them. To avoid that, you can look for a wheel-gripping roof rack such as Thule UpRide. 

Moreover, if your hatch or trunk opens upwards, make sure it does not hit the bike. But if these concerns are avoidable in your situation, there is no better option than a roof rack. These racks require roof rails, so if you do not want to buy rails, you can go for a rack that installs through suction cups. 

Trunk Bike Racks

Most trunk bike racks do not allow the users to open the trunk. These racks are installed on the trunk through straps or cords that go on the side and top hinges of the trunk. If you try to open the trunk, you would either break the hinges and rear window, or the rack would slip off the vehicle. 

However, Thule claims that it has a bike rack that allows you to open trunk. Thule Outway has a platform version that is installed on the trunk but it does not hang the bikes. It places the bikes on a platform and is installed a bit higher than other trunk racks. 

Although Outway claims that it offers trunk access, most users do not recommend that. They have mentioned that the rack is too heavy and even when it does not have bikes, you cannot and should not try opening the trunk. 

So trunk racks do not allow the safe opening of the trunk. But these racks are economical and easy to install and uninstall. Thus, if your trunk rack uninstalls in a few minutes, you can open the trunk easily and install it back. 

Hitch Bike Racks

Hitch bike racks are installed over a hitch trailer. These racks are safe since they usually have a hitch pin that locks the rack on the car. These racks come in the way of the trunk but if they have a tilt or swing-away feature, you can open the trunk even when bikes are loaded on the rack. 

The tilting hitch racks usually have a lever that allows tilting the rack. After opening the lever you will have to pull the rack away from the car and this can be done even with the bikes loaded. These racks only tilt enough for you to open and access the trunk easily but still remain attached to the car. 

Swing-away racks can be separated completely from the car on a 90 or 180-degree axis. These racks can be slid away from the car just like you open a door. Swing-away racks offer more convenience because they also give ground space for unloading heavy cargo from the trunk. 

However, these racks can be expensive and require a hitch trailer. If your car does not have a factory-installed trailer hitch, you will have to buy it separately and get it installed on the car. 

Truck Bed Bike Rack

Truck bed bike racks are of different types. Some are installed on the tailgate while some are installed on the bed or side rails. You can find a bike rack that allows you to open trunk or tailgate if you look for racks that install inside the truck bed. 

These racks are either fork-mounts such as Delta racks or hold the bikes through wheels such as Pipeline Racks and Thule Insta Gater. You can open the tailgate easily if you install these racks on the other side of the truck bed away from the tailgate. 


Roof, hitch, and truck bed rack categories have many options that allow access to the trunk. Roof and swing-away hitch racks are completely out of the way. But each type has its pros and cons. Now that you know about each type, you can easily select a bike rack that allows you to open trunk.

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