Best Honda Pilot Bike Racks in 2023: Hitch, Trunk, and Roof

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Honda Pilot is an SUV that has multiple options for mounting bike racks. You can find Honda Pilot bike racks that can be mounted on the trunk, roof, and trailer hitch. The vehicle has a high towing capacity so the weight of the racks or bikes would never be an issue.

In this article, we have tried to narrow down the options to make the decision easier for you. You can read the detailed reviews to find the rack that best suits your requirements. But if you are in a hurry we would recommend Kuat NV straightaway. 

Shortlisted Best Honda Pilot Bike Racks

Bike Racks for Honda PilotBest for?
Kuat NVPremium Pilot Hitch Bike Rack
Allen Sports Deluxe HitchEconomical Hanging Hitch Rack
Swagman XC2Economical Platform Hitch Rack
Saris Bones EXOverall Best Trunk Mount Rack
Allen Deluxe Trunk Bike Rack Economical Trunk Rack
Seasucker Mini BomberBest Suction Cup Rack

Kuat NV– Best Honda Pilot Hitch Bike Rack

With the Kuat NV 2.0, you can put everything from narrow tires to big 5′′ tires. You can rely on this rack to provide the highest level of security. There are cable locks for each bike. Moreover, strong cradles and straps are used to secure the tires.

You can load two bikes with a total weight of 60 pounds and a wheelbase of 20 to 29 inches.  Nevertheless, you may purchase Kuat’s Wheel Adaptor if you have a small kids’ bike. Even if you use it frequently, this sturdy and robust bike rack will last you for many years.

Overall it is the greatest platform bike rack with all the features you could imagine. It has a stylish appearance and accommodates all bike kinds, especially electric and fat-tired bikes. The rack has exceptional security and practicality. The add-on for this rack is also available if you wish to haul more than two bikes.


Can carry fat bikes and e-bikes


Secure rack and bikes

Trunk access


Wheel adapter required for small kids’ bikes


Kuat NV

Allen Sports Deluxe Hitch– Economical Hitch Pilot Bike Rack

The hanging hitch racks are relatively economical but you can easily carry multiple bikes on them. The Allen Sports rack is one such kind. This rack does not have classy features like Kuat NV but it will provide all basic features on a low budget.

Even the 4-bike version of this rack costs less than $100. We like the bike capacity, appearance, and ease of use of this rack. Although composed of steel, it weighs less than Kuat NV and makes installation simpler. 

You also tilt the rack for opening the hatch of your Honda Pilot and fold the rack arms. So it offers many features at a really low price. However, if the bikes are not correctly attached, they may swing.


Economical rack for Pilot

Trunk access


Frame contact with bikes

Bikes wobble

Allen Sports Hitch rack
Allen Sports Hitch rack

Swagman XC2

The Swagman XC2 is a reasonably priced honda pilot bike rack. Using this carrier, you can move two bikes that weigh up to 35 pounds. It offers exceptional value at a reasonable price. The attached bikes move very little when turning or driving on uneven pavement. 

But, even that can be fixed if you can obtain the extra hitch pin and cable lock for the rack. Moreover, the rack frame can be folded, which helps in easier storage of the rack. This folding feature is very easy to use as it only requires pulling out a pin. 

The rack also includes the anti-rattling bolt that connects the rack to the car and prevents any shaking. But it does not come with a cable lock or hitch pin. As the price is reasonable, buying the two parts separately does not add a lot to the total cost.


Folds easily

Economical platform hitch rack


Locks not included

Swagman XC2
Swagman XC2

Saris Bones EX– Best Trunk Mount Bike Rack for Pilot

Saris Bones EX for 2 or 3 bikes is confirmed fit for Pilot. These Honda Pilot bike racks are suitable for people who want to spend money on a high-quality rack. It offers a distinctive, strong frame constructed of steel and plastic. It also saves the additional cost of a hitch trailer or roof rails.

Saris Bones has great customer response. The unique design is not only appealing but also very functional. Arc-shaped arms divide the bikes into tiers and improve ground clearance. If you have different size bikes, you can arrange them on the rack according to their heights. 

It also folds into a compact body and is so far the best trunk rack that we have reviewed. But like most other trunk racks, it lacks security locks which you will have to buy them separately. You can also use your cable lock if you do not want to buy a separate lock. 


Premium quality rack for multiple bikes

Durable and attractive


No way to lock the rack or bikes

Saris Bones EX
Saris Bones EX

Allen Deluxe Trunk Bike Rack for Honda Pilot

The Allen Deluxe trunk mount rack is also compatible with Pilot. It is the best Honda Pilot bike rack if you are looking for a multi-bike rack for under $50. The pricing is the most noticeable feature.

It is designed for families that are searching for a reliable, affordable rack for several bikes. Even though the rack is composed of steel, it is light. The main feature of this rack is a fast and simple installation. All you need to do to get going is secure the bikes and attach them to the car. 

The rack is also cushioned to minimize scratches on the car and includes extra straps for lateral stability. But, when turning or riding over somewhat uneven terrain, your bikes may wobble. And just like Saris Bones, it lacks locks so you will have to buy them separately.



Simple and quick installation


No security features

Bikes wobble on uneven paths

Allen Sports Deluxe
Allen Sports Deluxe

Seasucker Mini Bomber

The assembling and installation procedure for the Seasucker is distinctive. The cups may be added to either the roof or the trunk. But before buying the rack make sure that you are fine with removing the front wheel of your bike. 

This fork-mount rack has cups that are attached to the surface. These cups have buttons that indicate proper mounting. This is an important feature that confirms that the rack is safely placed. 


No roof rails or crossbars required

Simple installation through suction cups


Bikes must be lifted

The front wheel of the bike has to be removed

Seasucker Mini Bomber
Seasucker Mini Bomber

Other than this suction cup rack, you can also buy the Thule Honda Pilot roof bike racks that install on the roof rails. Read our detailed review here

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