Comparing the Best SUV Bike Rack No Hitch 2022

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An SUV bike rack no hitch can save you at least 300 dollars as compared to a hitch mount rack. The average tow hitch costs around 200 and the installation can vary from anywhere around 100 to as much as 1,000 USD if you decide to go to the manufacturer’s services centers. However, finding a rack for small, compact, or even full-size SUVs is a tough task, primarily due to the rear-end shape and their heights which make compatibility difficult.

Four different options fall in the category of ‘SUV bike rack no hitch’; Trunk, Roof, Spare Tire, and Suction Cup bike racks. The most commonly used are the trunk racks followed by the roof racks, whereas the spare tire and suction cup bike racks are rarely used because of their features and compatibility.

Usually, trunk racks are designed to work with sedans and are not compatible with the flatter backs of SUVs. Yakima FullBack, on the other hand, is a completely SUV-compatible car mount for bikes with:

a) Same key system (SKS) to keep them secure

b) Supercush zip strip cradles

c) Capacity of up to 3 bikes

It is very rare to find all three of these features in regular trunk mount bike racks, which is why Yakima FullBack is our pick for the best bike rack without a hitch for SUVs.

Another premium rack for SUVs with equally good quality and customer feedback is Saris Bones Ex. The only reason it comes second on the ranking is its compatible locking system which users will need to purchase separately.

However, in case you have a bigger family or circle of friends who like to bike together, you can go for Allen Deluxe, a rack that is designed to accommodate up to 4 bikes. It also happens to be the most budget-friendly rack for 4 bikes.

Our favorite picks for the best bike rack for suv no hitch for SUVs

Rack ScoreRackWhy we love itCapacity
8.8Yakima FullBackBest overall3 Yakima FullBack
8.2Saris Bones Ex Premium3 Saris Bones Trunk Bike Rack
8.3Allen DeluxeBudget-friendly4 Allen 104 Deluxe Trunk Bike Rack
7.9Thule Outway Platform rack4Thule Outway Platform 2
8.9Thule TopRideAllows Roof attachment1 Previous imageNext image TopRide_IU01_OC_568005_US Thule_TopRide_Lifestyle1_Hero_3000x2000 Thule_TopRide_Lifestyle2_Activity_3000x2000 Thule_TopRide_Lifestyle3_Feature_3000x2000 Thule TopRide 568001_568004 TopRide_A01_Hero_ISO_568005_US TopRide_A02_Side_568005_US TopRide_F01_568005_US TopRide_F02_568005_US TopRide_F03_568005_US TopRide_F04_568005_US TopRide_F05_568005_US TopRide_F07_568005_US TopRide_F08_568005_US TopRide_F09_568005_US Thule TopRide roof bike rack black

Quick Buyers Guide:

  1. Number of bikes: there are racks that can hold just 1 bike like Saris Solo, while there is something like an Allen104 DB available as well which can carry up to 4 bikes.
  2. Bike rack location: roof, spare tire, or trunk.
  3. Compatibility: Bike racks are not fit for all and you need to make sure that you purchase the one which is most compatible with your car. For example, Saris Bones Ex (as per Saris) is compatible with 90% of the top 50 vehicles in the USA
  4. Safety: bike’s frame and the bike itself. Thule UpRide is a roof bike rack that ensures that the bike’s frame does not come in direct contact with the bike rack
  5. Consider laws in your state. Are you required to ensure the visibility of your number plate and lights? Thule Outway is the only platform hitchless bike rack that ensures this condition. Otherwise, you would need to attach additional plates to the bike rack
  6. What is your budget? You can find under 100 dollar bike racks such as the Allen sports 102 which get the job done

Complete step-by-step buyers guide for bikes racks

Step 1: Determine How many bikes you want to carry with you

You might be a lone wolf who only needs SUV bike rack no hitch for 1 bike or a social bee who never rides with less than 5 buddies. The starting point for shortlisting bike racks is to determine how many bike racks would you be transporting. You can easily find a 3 bike rack for your SUV but a 4 bike rack compatible with SUVs is not that common. Thule and Yakima for instance only offer a maximum of 3 bike capacities in trunk mount bike racks while Allen offers 4 bike max. Allen Deluxe 104 is one of our best-rated products because of its capacity and pricing.

Allen Deluxe bike rack

Step 2: What bike rack type do you want?

As explained earlier, you can get a trunk rack, roof bike rack, spare tire, and suction cups bike rack. Each type has its own benefits and hustles but we can determine which features in a bike rack you can give up and which you cannot let go of.

Please note that in the case of e-bikes and even fat bikes, we recommend that you consider getting a hitch receiver and a hitch bike rack. We recommend you go for a hitch rack designed for electronic bikes for your SUV because e-bikes are more than five times heavier as compared to regular bikes. A non-hitch bike rack won’t be able to handle the load. Similarly, in the case of fat bikes, the bikes have very wide tires and are also heavy so a hitch mount rack for fat tire bikes would be suitable.

Step 3: Decide a budget you want to keep for a bike rack

It’s tricky to respond to how much a bike rack cost for an SUV. Because going for an economical bike rack might make you give up on certain essential features and the number of bike racks you want to carry. You can find bike racks that cost under 50 dollars but they will not provide any safety for your bike rack or bike. The quality and comfort would be compromised. But then again there are plus $1000 bike racks that offer so many features that an occasional bike rider might not need. Consider multiple factors before coming down with a budget for your bike rack. The good thing is an SUV bike rack no hitch will usually cost you lesser compared to a hitch bike rack if the tow hitch price is included.

Step 4: Confirm compatibility of the bike rack with your SUV and bike with the bike rack

We recommend you check and double-check your SUV compatibility with the shortlisted bike racks. Go through the company websites which have compatibility mentioned, see our brief guides below, and also check amazon reviews which can give you pretty good hints on compatibility. Saris has a find your trunk rack fit guide, Yakima has a technical fit look-up, Thule fit my car, and amazon has something which helps figure out compatibility with your vehicle.

Apart from that, the second most important thing is you confirm if your bike rack will accommodate your bike because some fat bikes, women’s bikes, kids’ bikes, and e-bikes are not compatible with certain bike racks.

Trunk Bike Racks For SUVs

Trunk mount bike racks for SUVs are an affordable alternative to hitch bike racks. As a matter of fact, they are mostly the least expensive SUV bike rack no hitch. The most promising fact regarding trunk bike racks is that they can fit many types of vehicles. So if you have different models of cars, you might find a trunk car mount for bikes that fit all of them.

The design of these racks is also flexible and can be used to carry different types of bikes. Trunk racks are light in weight, easy to install, primarily foldable, and can be stored easily when not in use. There is no need to buy a hitch receiver.

With trunk mount racks you have access to bikes, but in the case of hitch bike racks, it is even easier to access, load, and unload the bikes. Mounting a bike onto the trunk rack can take some time since need to attach and detach the bike rack every time you use it.

Unlike other bike racks, you cannot leave the trunk rack on your car even when you are not using it. But it isn’t a tasking or too time-consuming process. Once you learn to attach the bike rack to the SUV and how to put a bike on the bike rack, you can become very efficient with it.

The only other limitation we see with the trunk bike rack is that there are no built-in security features and you have to rely on additional bike rack security products to protect both your rack and bike.

Roof Bike Rack for SUVs

Roof bike racks come in three designs, i.e., fork mount, wheel mount, and frame mount. The frame mount bike racks grip the frame of the bikes and are relatively less safe. They can leave scratches on bikes so we do not recommend them for carbon frame bikes.

Also loading the bikes on frame mount and wheel mount bike racks is difficult. The fork mount bike racks are the easiest and safest to load bikes. The only problem is you have to remove the front wheel. 

Roof bike racks do not have to be removed after every use because they do not add much height to the vehicle. Some models of roof bike racks can be a bit expensive but generally, they are more affordable than hitch bike racks.

Also, you don’t have to spend extra money on buying a hitch receiver for your car. Unlike hitch bike racks, roof bike racks eliminate the risk of accidents during the reverse drive. The trunk of your car also remains free so you have access to the tailgate. 

In terms of convenience, hitch bike racks have an edge over roof bike racks because mounting bikes on the roof is mostly a two-person job. Moreover, hitch bike racks are more suited for cars that are high because roof bike racks can make passing through low clearance areas impossible.

Bikes on roof racks are also subjected to wind resistance which can result in low fuel efficiency. But in terms of cost, roof bike racks are much more economical and you can go for them as SUV bike rack No Hitch.

Spare tire Bike Rack for SUVs

Spare tire bike racks can also serve as SUV bike racks with no hitch. These inexpensive bike racks can only be mounted if your SUV has a spare tire at the back. This indicates limited vehicle compatibility. These racks can easily be installed and removed. But the tire covers have to be removed for installing it. 

Like trunk mount racks, these racks are also compact in design and can easily be stored when not used. Unlike hitch bike racks, spare tire racks do not add a lot of weight to the car but it does add extra length to it. Spare tire rack bikes mostly allow access to the trunk and you won’t have to buy a hitch receiver for it. But these racks usually carry no more than two bikes and you will also have to drive with extra caution.

Suction Cup Bike Rack for SUVs

Not the most common types of racks used for SUVs, suction cup bike racks are designed to attach to your vehicle through ‘Vaccum mounts’ which have enough strength to ensure a strong connection between the rack and the SUV.

The racks are way lighter than other bike racks and can be connected within minutes instead of the long assembly times required for some hitch bike racks. The unique selling point of these racks is that they can be attached to almost anywhere on the SUV as per requirement.

Below, we will compare all hitchless bike rack options with the hitch bike racks. This review will help you find the SUV Bike Rack No Hitch that best suits your requirements. We will explore four hitchless car mounts for bike options which are:

Overall Best SUV Bike Rack No Hitch 2022

Yakima Fullback (3-bike trunk rack for SUV)

  • 3 Bike
  • Trunk
Yakima FullBack
Yakima Fullback | Overall Best SUV Bike Rack No Hitch 2022
  • Secure
  • Works with spoilers
  • Foot ends protect SUVs
  • Slightly heavy

Due to the adjustable arm which uses a center dial Hub, the Yakima FullBack can be tuned to be a perfect fit for multiple SUVs with different types of spoilers. This rack makes use of the FULL SKS system of Yakima for locking the bikes to the rack and for locking the rack to your vehicle. 

This is the primary feature that differentiates FullBack from HalfBack making it more premium. Yakima has recently introduced a clip locking system in its cradles, SuperCush ZipStrip, which is added protection for the bike. The rack comes in a ruggedly modern style with a limited lifetime warranty by Yakima. Providing all these features, the bike rack’s weight increases to almost 10 kg which is on the higher end for a trunk rack.

Overall this SUV Bike Rack No Hitch for bikes gets an R score of 8.8 with top scores in capacity and compatibility, security, and brand as well. We also recommend this SUV bike rack with no hitch for a number of different SUVs.

In terms of compatibility, a bike rack for minivans without hitch and also adaptable bike rack for small SUVs as well. This rack can also fit compact SUVs such as the Honda CR-V, BMW X5, and also Hyundai Tuscon. It’s our top recommendation for the Toyota RAV4 bike rack and also for the Toyota Highlander bike rack.

You can compare Fullback with other trunk racks in our article, 10 Best Trunk Bike Racks for SUVs and Cars

Complete Comparison: 10 Best Trunk Bike Racks for SUVs and Cars

2nd Best Trunk Rack For SUVs

Saris Bones Ex (3-bike trunk rack for SUV)

  • Works with spoilers
  • Nice design
  • Fine Quality
  • A separate lock has to be bought

We are expecting some great discounts on Saris Bones Ex for some time to come. The company has surplus stock which is ready to be rolled out. Saris Bones is a revised version of the 25-year popular car mount for bikes, Saris bones.

The best differentiating part which we like about Saris Bones Ex is that it is compatible with almost 90% of the top 50 selling vehicles (SUVs, Sedans, and Hatchbacks) in the USA. It is the stronger version of Saris Bones and comes in a variety of colors (black, blue, and red) to match your vehicle.

The bike rack also rates on top amongst the bike racks for small SUVs such as the BMW X5, Honda CRV, and Tuscon as well. The only limitation we found with this car mount for bikes to Yakima FullBack is the separate Saris trunk bike rack lock you have to purchase in order to protect your bike rack and also your bike from being stolen.

Review: Saris Bones Ex | SUV Bike Rack

Comparison Article: Best bike rack for hatchback

Also one of the best bike racks for vans

2-Bike Best Platform Bike Rack for SUV hitchless

Thule Outway (bike rack for SUV 2 bikes) | Platform bike rack for 4 Bikes

  • No contact with the bike frame
  • Secure
  • Trunk rack for carbon frames
  • Problem while loading some bikes

Finding a bike rack for SUVs that do not require a hitch (trunk mounted) and uses a platform system is rare, perhaps the only rack which offers these qualities is Thule Outway Platform 2. The premium car rack is certainly for expensive vehicles and expensive bikes as well.

Ensuring safety with its integrated locking system, you can leave the bike rack on your vehicle (without bikes) and still be able to open your trunk and access the storage area inside. Basically, an SUV bike rack no hitch that can be used on regular basis and does not obstruct your rear lights or license plates with bikes mounted. Truly innovative!

A rare platform bike rack for 4 bikes, that does not require a hitch. Unlike hanging-style racks that have frame contact, this rack can be safely used for expensive bikes. Another uncommon feature is the ability to lock the bikes and rack. This is not common among trunk mount racks.  So this rack scores well on the R score as compared to most trunk mount racks. 

Review: Thule Outway Platform Hitchless Bike Rack for SUVs

Best bike rack for suv 4 bikes

Allen 104 DB Deluxe

  • High Capacity
  • Simple
  • Economical
  • Rack sits stably
  • No locks

We have personally used and tested this rack. The rack scores high on capacity, value for money, and customer satisfaction as well. A 90% satisfaction rate with more than 35,000 customer reviews. A large ratio of them appreciate

  • How simple in setup and installation,
  • Allen’s patented tie-down system improves stability
  • Great price

We personally recommend using electrical tape on the metal ends so that you don’t end up scratching the paint on your car. This rack is very simple and does not have very cutting-edge features. It would not come with a locking system or advanced ratchet and cradles but it scores great on other metrics. 

So the bottom line is, if you have a tight budget, there is no better option for carrying multiple bikes on the trunk. And because the price is low, you can manage to buy a bike lock separately. Other features and ease of installation of this rack make it very convenient for users and that is why it scores an R score of 8.25. 

Review: Allen 4 Bike | Best bike rack for SUV no hitch 4 bikes Rack

Also one of the best bike racks for hatchback SUVs and other vehicles

As per reviews, it is compatible with RAV-4 2021, Toyota highlander 2012 and 2018, Subaru 03-06:Forester 98-13:Impreza (w/o spoiler) 93-13:Legacy(sedan/wagon), 90-13:Outback 97-07:Outback 10-13). For remaining vehicle owners please check on the official Allen website for compatibility.

Best roof mount bike rack for SUVs

Thule TopRide

  • 1 Bike
  • Roof
Thule TopRide
Thule TopRide
  • For quick-release as well as thru-axle bikes
  • Good security
  • Just for 1 bike

TopRide is one of the best SUV bike rack no hitch and also scores well compared to other roof bike racks for SUVs. It is a fork-mount rack so you will have to release the front tire of your bike for mounting it on the car. You may use it for quick-release or thru-axle bikes but works for specific fork measurements. 

You can use TopRide to carry your carbon frame and disc brake bikes as well. TopRide makes it easier to load the bikes thanks to the visible and sound indicators. Moreover, you can quickly load and unload the bikes by using the release lever. 

It also has some limitations such as you will have to lift the bike(s). The rack and bike can be locked but the locks are sold separately which means additional expense, so the whole setup might cost you more than some trunk racks. But still, it is the best roof bike rack available for SUVs. 

Find out which bikes are compatible with TopRide in Best Roof Bike Rack

Best spare tire bike rack for suv

Thule Spare Me Pro

Other bike racks for suv

Thule Gateway | 3 bike racks for SUV

  • Secure
  • Generously-spaced cradles 
  • No hatch access
  • Short locking cable

We like the Gateway rack from Thule because of its high quality and some very great features like foldable arms, compatibility with different vehicles thanks to the Fitdial, and easy strap-based installation.

After researching and rating all the aspects of Thule Gateway Pro 3, we have calculated its total R score to be 7.65. While the rack has every feature to top the charts its feedback has pulled it down a few ranks. Some customers found it hard to use the first time. The instructions were not that clear by Thule.

But if you can manage the instructions, the rack is a premium rack from a market leader in the product category offering a multitude of features.

Review: Thule Gateway Pro

Allen Sports 102 & S104

  • Speedy installation
  • Stable
  • No security 

This SUV bike rack no hitch can hold from 2-4 bikes in different sub-models. The S-102/S-104 is a sturdy built rack, which can fit SUVs, Hatchbacks, and Sedans as well. Superior and pricier as compared to the deluxe 104 DB this car mount for bikes has the ability to fold and become very compact which uses very little space in your trunk or house when not in use. 

Also, the quick secure cradles made of rubber are very safe for your bikes to paint. The other differentiating feature is the wide profile feet this rack has. These feet are made of rubber and are there to distribute the weight of the bike rack and bike more evenly on the vehicle. In our experience, the rack is excellent for long travels. The things you need to be careful about are

  • Tie the down the front wheel with the surplus rack straps so that it does not continuously keep turning due to cross-winds
  • Occasionally check if the straps have gotten loose (after two hours). Tighten them accordingly
  • Rubber left in sun for long periods will eventually deteriorate and would require replacement

Overall, Allen Sports Premier has compatibility with different vehicles including SUVs. If you want to carry 2-4 bikes and you can buy the locks separately, you should go for this rack and save money. This rack has an R score of 8.05 which shows how well it performs as compared to other trunk mount racks. 

Read Revie: Allen Sports

Saris Solo | 1 Bike Trunk rack for SUV

  • Lightweight
  • No adjustments required
  • Feet might slip
  • No locks

Build from recycled material, the Saris 1-bike rack is the smallest and lightest trunk bike rack other there, weighing only 2.2 pounds. This lightweight rack has an easy installation procedure. We do not recommend expensive carbon or even aluminum because the rack lacks features and security, but for other bikes this simply gets the job done.

Comparison: Best single bike rack hitch and hitchless Review: Saris Solo

Yakima Hangout

  • Adaptable
  • Works on highway drives
  • Bike brackets slide
  • No locks

This rack is available in 2 and 3-bike versions. You can use it if your bikes weigh 35 pounds or less individually. We like the cradles on this rack because they are made for easily mounting the bikes. This is a great feature because otherwise, you have to spend time holding the cradles in place and loading bikes. 

It is not as inexpensive as Allen bike racks but still costs less than most premium racks. You can get it for around $150. It lacks the locking mechanism like most trunk mount SUV racks but other than that it is a great way to carry bikes and also has an easy installation procedure. 

Read the complete review on Yakima Hangout

Schwinn 2

  • Sturdy
  • Works in extreme weather
  • The bike buckles slip

This SUV bike rack no hitch is not excessively hefty. It barely weighs 7 pounds. When not in use, this makes it simple to install and store. It may also be folded to conserve storage space. Specifically constructed bike hold-down straps separate and securely keep bikes in place. It has ladder buckles for securing bikes. Each bike should not be heavier than 35 pounds.

Customer satisfaction should never be ignored while buying a bike rack. The Schwinn 2 Bike Trunk Rack is rated on Amazon with 4.1 out of 5 stars. It has been bought by over 1000 people with 76% leaving a 4 or 5-star rating. For this level of customer satisfaction, we give it an R score of 8. 

The is priced at around $150. Since it can carry two bikes, it brings the per-bike cost to around $75. Generally, this Schwinn rack for 2 bikes is great in terms of aesthetics and we like how easy it is to install on vehicles. The overall rack score for this SUV no hitch bike rack comes to around 7.8

Complete Review: Schwinn 2

Hollywood Spare Tire Bike Rack

  • Pros Good price, Secure
  • Cons Frame adapter required for some bikes, Only for two bikes
SR1 Strap-On Spare Tire Bike Rack
Hollywood SR1 Strap-On Spare Tire Bike Rack

Complete Comparison Review: Best Spare Tire Bike Rack of 2022

Compatibility chart: Bike racks vs vehicles

Compatibility chart: Types of bike racks vs types of bikes

Step 5: Select your hitchless Bike Rack for SUVs based on ratings and scores

We have devised a Rack Score (R score) system for rating bike racks. First, we rate all racks based on their features, security, aesthetics, capacity, and compatibility. After carefully analyzing the bike racks we give them a total R score on a scale of 10.

Here we have compared all hitchless bike racks individually based on the different factors mentioned above. So if you are confused about multiple trunk mount racks, this comparison will enable you to find out a rack that would suit you the most.

In the table below you can find a complete comparison of the best bike racks for SUVs that do not require a hitch

TypeScoreRack Our Review
TrunkAllen DeluxeAllen DeluxeAllen 4 Bike
Roof8.2TopRideBest Roof Bike Rack
Trunk8.1Saris Bones 3Saris Bones
Trunk8.1Thule Raceway
Trunk8.1Allen Sports PremierAllen Sports
Trunk8.1Thule outway platformThule Outway
Roof8Thule UpRide
Trunk7.9Saris Bones 2Saris Bones
Trunk7.8Yakima hangout 2Yakima Hangout
Trunk7.8Schwinn 2Schwinn 2
Trunk7.7Thule Gateway Pro 3Thule Gateway
Trunk7.7Thule Passage 2Thule Passage
Trunk7.4Saris SoloSaris Solo
Comparison of SUV bike racks without Hitch

Comparison of Best SUV roof Bike Rack

ProRide Thule Roof Bike RackTopRide Thule Roof RackThule UpRide Roof Bike RackThule Fastride Roof Bike Rack
ProRide TopRideUpRideFastRide
Type Roof Bike RackRoof Bike RackRoof Bike RackRoof Bike Rack
Sub-TypeFrame MountFork mountWheel mountWheel mount
Maximum Bikes1111
Rack lockNoNo No (SS)No (SS)
Bike lockNoNo No (SS)No (SS)
Bike rack weight11 lb.7.7 lb.17 lb.7.28 lb.
Load Capacity44 lb.40 lb.44 lb.40 lb.
Hitch requiredHitchlessHitchlessHitchlessHitchless
Customer Satisfaction92%98%90%94%
Price229.95 259.95259.95229.95
Rack Score (Overall)
Thule Roof Bike Racks Comparison

Why go for a hitchless bike rack for an SUV

Most hitch bike racks are expensive and you have to spend an additional amount buying trailer hitches if they are not factory installed on your vehicle. If the installation is easy and you have experience, you can DIY otherwise you will have to pay a hefty amount for the installation of a hitch. That is why SUV bike rack no hitch are now preferred over them. 

Depending on your traveling needs, hitchless bike racks can work just as well as hitch bike racks on your SUV. You might have to compromise on the number of bikes you can carry since hitch bike racks have a high accommodating capacity. But if you want to carry one or two bikes or even up to four on an SUV bike rack with no hitch, you’re good to go.

Trunk bike rack: Mostly compatible with SUVs, while primarily the design is used for sedans or hatchbacks but a number of trunk racks are compatible with SUVs.

Roof bike rack: Compatible. A recommended option. Requires roof rails and cross rails depending on the roof bike rack you select for your SUV.

Below is a radar chart giving a pictorial comparison of the above-mentioned bike racks with hitch bike racks based on price, usage, convenience, vehicle compatibility, and bike safety and security. Non-hitch bike racks fare much better on the price. Trunk bike racks for SUVs are the best in terms of pricing and do very well on convenience and vehicle compatibility as well.

Bike Rack Type Radar Chart

Why trust our opinion on car mounts for bikes?

  • We take a data-centric approach to analyzing products. Using our R score model in analyzing bikes on different aspects we statistically prove the superiority one car mount for a bike holds over the other
  • We have analyzed and compared data from different sources. Actual ratings and comments from 1000s of customers who have actual product experience
  • We have vast experience in bike racks along with extensive hours of actual research on the product category. Find 20+ Hitchless car mounts for bikes compared below.

How to install bike racks for SUV no hitch

Bike racks for small SUVs versus full-size SUVs

Larger in size the Full-size SUVs can carry up to 7 passengers while small SUVs will go to a max of 5 passengers. In reference to bike racks with smaller SUVs, you would be concerned about the ground clearance which is less compared to full-size SUVs. An important consideration for hitch bike racks. As for the hitchless bike rack for small SUVs is concerned such as the trunk, roof, or spare tire bike rack, you only need to be sure that the specific vehicle and model are compatible.

Bike racks for small SUVs
Bike racks for small SUVs

Frequently Asked Questions about SUV bike racks

What bike rack for SUVs without hitch?

The SUV bike rack with no hitch recommends os Yakima FullBAck because of its compatibility with almost all SUVs, its Same Key System (SKS) for security, its Supercrush zip cradles for avoiding scratches, and also because of the great customer experience mentioned by its users.

What type of bike rack is best for an SUV?

The best type of bike rack for SUVs would really depend on your requirements. The requirements can be divided into the factors such as budget, bike type, and vehicle compatibility. Budget bike racks are usually the ones that do not require a hitch, convenient for daily use, and capable of carrying heavy loads as well (e-bikes).

What is the best bike rack for SUVs?

The best bike rack for SUVs is Kuat Sherpa 2.0 because you can use the rack regularly and comfortably without risking your bike being damaged or stolen. The hitch car mounts for the bike come adjustable ratchet arm to protect the bike frame and a foot-assisted pivot so you don’t have to pick heavier bicycles.

what is the best 4-bike rack for SUVs?

The best 4-bike rack for SUV is Allen 104 DB Deluxe because it manages 4 MTBs or any other type of bike at a very economical price. The rack is rated high by its users and also ranks high on our bike rack scoring model.

Where to buy a bike rack for an SUV?

You can check with amazon or your local bike shops for the best deals on SUV bike racks with no hitch.

What is the best moderately priced bike rack for an SUV?

The best moderately priced bike rack for an SUV is Allen Sports 102 because it has almost all the features of a premium bike rack but is not so pricey. It comes under 200 dollars and has a maximum capacity to carry 4 bikes.

Can I install a bike rack without hitch? 

Yes, you can install a bike rack without having a hitch on your car. To make it possible, you will need to buy a hitched car mount for your bike according to your requirements. You can save a lot of money in this way and travel along with your bikes without any hassle. Check the compatibility of hitchless bike racks with your car and bike(s).

Can I install a bike rack inside the SUV?

You can install a bike rack inside the SUV with a simple fork bike rack and some adjustments inside your vehicle. It has multiple advantages such as the no overhead clearance issue, easy driving, bike protection, no frame contact, and way more security as compared to keeping your bike outside your SUV.

Can you put a bike rack on an SUV?

Yes, there are many bike racks compatible with SUVs. If you have an SUV you can get an SUV bike rack no hitch which includes a roof, trunk, or spare tire bike rack. Attach it with your vehicle following the manual and you’re good to go. You can get an SUV bike rack with no hitch if you have a tight budget as well.

Can I use a trunk mount bike rack on an SUV?

Trunk mount racks are compatible with SUVs and many other vehicles. A good option for hitchless racks for SUVs. It can cut down your expenses since it doesn’t require a hitch receiver. It is most suited if you own a single bike. The straps on the trunk bike rack secure the bike. It can be easily folded and kept after use. 

What to do if there is no bike rack?

Traveling without a bike rack has a risk of damaging the bike(s). But if you do not have one, you can take some precautions to prevent any damage or scratches:

  • Remove the front wheel. This reduces the risk of damage.
  • If you plan to carry the bike in the trunk, make sure your vehicle is spacious such as an SUV or a truck
  • Make sure that you place the bike in a position so that the chain side is faced upwards.
  • Do not put additional junk on the bike.
  • Drive carefully and take roads with fewer bumps
  • Consider SUV racks without hitch in the long run

How to attach a bike rack SUV no hitch?

Look for a rack that works best for you in terms of convenience, biking requirements, and budget. You can attach hitchless bike racks on the roof of the car if you have roof rails. Spare tire bike racks and trunk racks are also no hitch racks that are quite easy to install.  

How can I protect hitchless bike racks from rain and other environmental factors?

You can use bike covers for bike racks (hitchless and hitch) in order to protect them from environmental factors such as rain and snow. You can easily find bike covers for storing the bikes inside the garage or outside your home or office but now you can also cover the bikes while carrying them on a bike rack in your car. 

Hitch bike racks put the bikes at risk of damage because the bikes are loaded close to the ground, exposing them to dirt and road grime. So better take the precaution than regret it later. In the case of an SUV bike rack no hitch, these covers fit completely. 

They can also keep the bikes safe from the sight of thieves and to some extent minimize the chance of theft. But since it is not a reliable security system, we would suggest you buy locks for protecting your bike racks.

Which is the best 5 bike rack for SUV?

5 bike rack for SUVs is not possible with a bike rack for SUVs with no hitch because of the weight and space 5 bikes would require. You can find 5-bike carriers in hitch bike racks. Most 5-bike hitch racks are available in hanging style because these racks save a lot of space at the rear of the vehicle. For installation of these racks, a 2” hitch receiver of Class 3 or above is recommended because 5 bikes are quite heavy. 

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