Is the Allen trunk bike rack the best 4 bike trunk rack?

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Looking for an economical yet durable trunk bike rack? If so, you have come to the right place. We have done some research on the features of the Deluxe Allen trunk bike rack. We have also examined other factors such as security, capacity, compatibility with bikes and vehicles, aesthetics, value of money, and customer satisfaction. 

Most trunk bike racks offer similar features and have the same working mechanism. The Allen Deluxe trunk bike carrier is the most inexpensive trunk bike rack and although it does not have high-end features like the premium racks, it still has some useful features that make it suitable for specific users. 

Here we will review those features and rate them with the help of Rack Score. This will help you clear the confusion about what to look for in a trunk bike rack. After this article, you will be able to decide whether the Allen trunk bike rack is made for you or not. 

This rack is the most economical hitchless bike rack for SUVs.

Allen 4 bike rack
Allen 4 bike rack

Allen Deluxe 4 Bike Rack

Trunk bike rack

  • Maximum Bikes: 4
  • Rack weight: 18
  • Hitchless
  • Price: $104
  • Material: Alloy steel

Pros of Allen Deluxe

  • Comes fully assembled thus no tools are required for installation
  • Separate tie-down cradles for each bike
  • Lateral stability due to side straps 
  • Compatible with most vehicles
  • Hitchless bike rack
  • No need to remove the front tire of bikes
  • Quick installation
  • Thick padding protects the paint on the vehicle
  • Durable 

Cons of Allen Deluxe

  • Bikes are difficult to load because the cradles swivel around
  • Not made for bumpy paths
  • No security for rack or bikes
  • Not foldable 
  • Does not work with women’s bikes without a stabilizer bar

Rack score

Rack score is an evaluation system that we use to rate bike racks on a scale of 10.  We realize that finding the ideal bike rack may be difficult because there are several bike racks available that fulfill a variety of needs. So the R score will assist you in comparing several elements of bike racks, such as features, aesthetics, value for money, security, and compatibility. 

We rate each of these factors on a ten-point rating scale and then estimate a total R score. Because we do all the homework for you, these R scores can help you save time and pick the best bike rack compatible with your bike(s) and vehicle. Here we will rate the Allen Deluxe trunk mount rack after testing for the above-mentioned parameters. 

Deluxe Allen Trunk Bike Rack
TypeTrunk Bike Rack 
Maximum Bikes4
Rack lock No 
Bike lockNo 
BrandAllen Sports
Bike rack weight 18lb
Load Capacity 140lb 
Hitch requiredNo Hitch 
Customer Satisfaction86%
PriceAround $120
Rack Score (Overall)8.25

What features make the Allen 4 bike trunk rack stand out?

The Allen Deluxe trunk bike carrier is made to fit various vehicles including SUVs, sedans, hatchbacks, or minivans. You can easily install the rack on your car with the help of tie-down straps on the car trunk. The rack also has lateral straps, as demonstrated in the image below, that increase its stability on any vehicle. 

Lateral straps
Lateral straps

We like the Allen trunk bike rack for its rotating cradles. Swiveling cradles are not common among trunk bike racks, this feature allows you to load bikes of different geometries. You can rotate the cradles to accommodate any top tube shape. This can save you from the trouble of buying a top tube adapter. 

This rack has two narrow arms which have cradles for loading bikes. These arms are 11”-12” apart which says a lot about the compatible bikes. This makes it a great option for carrying kids’ bikes and some unusual frames without a top tube adapter. But this also means that larger adult bikes would not be very stable on the arms. 

Allen Deluxe also has a padded frame that protects the paint on the vehicle. You can see in the picture below how the rack rests on the trunk with padded feet while the lower feet rest near the license plate. But in the case of a hatchback, you can place the upper feet on the rear window. 

Lower padded feet
Lower padded feet

You can also fold the Allen Deluxe trunk bike carrier when not being used and store it easily inside your car. But this requires manual adjustment of the cross support. This process demands some force and body strength. If you find it difficult, you can check for the Allen Premier trunk bike rack that unfolds quickly and easily without much effort.

Overall, the Deluxe trunk mount rack has most features required for loading bikes on the trunk but it lacks some extra features that are present in the Allen Sports Premier. For instance, the quick snap setup or the wider and more stable arms. (R score 7) 

What are the aesthetics of the Allen trunk bike rack?

Aesthetics are not very important for some people if the product is serving its purpose. We believe that if you are paying for a bike rack, it should at least look good to maintain the overall look of your vehicle. Some gigantic structures do not look good on the trunk of some cars. Thus you might also be interested in the design of bike racks. 

The Deluxe rack is available in black color and it is made up of alloy steel. This makes it heavy as compared to other trunk racks (weighs around 18 pounds) and the arms of the Allen 4 bike trunk rack are pretty long so the overall look is huge. (R score 7)

Is Allen Deluxe trunk bike carrier secure?

A bike rack’s security feature is critical. If you invest money in a rack, it should have a security mechanism for both the rack and the bikes. Otherwise, you will not be able to leave the bike rack unattended. As a result, we place a significant emphasis on this feature of bike racks. 

The Allen Deluxe does not have any security features or integrated locks. So basically it does not provide a way to lock the bike rack on the vehicle or the bikes to the rack and this is why we give it an R score of 6. You can secure your bikes by purchasing locking cables separately. 

Why does the Allen trunk bike rack have high value for money?

When evaluating a product’s pricing, we consider the value of money and if the rack is worth the price tag. Paying more to purchase a bike rack is not a mistake if you are getting great quality. The Deluxe Allen 4 bike trunk rack costs around $120. Since it carries a maximum of 4 bikes, it makes the per bike cost around $30. 

This rack contains all the features that are essential for loading a bike on the car trunk. Although you might have to spend some extra dollars on buying a cable lock, that is the case with most trunk racks. This makes it a very reasonable and affordable product if you want to carry multiple bikes. (R score 10)

The Deluxe trunk mount rack stands out among other trunk bike racks when analyzed for value for money. We compared different features of the top trunk bike racks in our review of the best trunk bike racks for cars, SUVs, and hatchbacks and found Allen deluxe to be on top of the chart. 

Are the customers of Allen Sports Deluxe bike rack satisfied?

When it comes to bike racks, customer satisfaction is critical. This rack from Allen Sports has rated 4.5 stars out of 5 stars on Amazon. From around 40,000 global ratings, 86% of users like the product and have given it 4 or 5 stars. For such a pleasing customer response, we give it an R score of 9.

What do happy customers like about the Deluxe Allen Trunk bike rack?

There are a lot of positive reviews for this rack. Most of the customers love that it is a very reasonable alternative with all the features that an expensive trunk bike rack has to offer. The rack is also liked because it is easy to put on the trunk and take off. Other than that, some people like that it rests high enough on the trunk of their cars. This lets them carry their bikes well above the level of the road. 

Why are unhappy customers not satisfied with the Allen Deluxe trunk bike carrier?

Some customers are not happy because the Allen Deluxe is difficult to fold and takes some strength to set up. Although some people like that removing the rack from the trunk is very easy, others fear that this puts the racks and bikes at greater risk of theft. There are also reviews mentioning weak straps and metal hooks that are harsh on the trunk. 

What is the capacity and compatibility of the Allen 4-bike rack?

This Deluxe Allen 4-bike rack can accommodate 4 bikes at the rear of a car and this is the maximum capacity of this rack. Other versions include 2 and 3 bike racks. Apart from that, the rack is compatible with a wide range of bike types but it can not hold a women’s bike. For that, you should get a stabilizer bar from Allen. 

The rack is compatible with many vehicles specifically, SUVs, and sedans. Allen’s website has a rack finder option where you can put your vehicle details like the model and the year of the model. The website will provide you with a list of Allen’s bike racks that are compatible with your vehicle. According to our research, some of the latest compatible models are

  • 2022 Cadillac XT4 and XT5
  • 2022 Chevrolet Blazer and Equinox
  • 2022 Ford Escape
  • 2022 Honda HR-V and Odyssey
  • 2022 Toyota 4Runner, Corolla, Camry, and Avalon

While many vehicles are compatible, there are a lot more that do not work with the Deluxe Allen trunk bike rack. The rack has low compatibility as compared to the Allen Sports Premier bike rack.  For this compatibility and impressive bike capacity, we give it an R score of 8. The following vehicles are not compatible with the Deluxe Allen 4 bike rack. 

  • Any 2022 model of Acura
  • 2022 Cadillac XT6, BLS, CT4, CT5, Escalade
  • Any 2022 model of Dodge 
  • 2022 Ford Edge
  • 2022 Honda Civic and Accord
  • Any 2022 model of Maserati 
  • Any 2022 model of Suzuki

Allen Deluxe stands out among other trunk bike racks when analyzed for capacity and compatibility. This graph is from our review of the best trunk bike racks for cars, SUVs, and hatchbacks, where we compared different parameters of the top trunk bike racks. 

Check out the 4 bike hitch racks if you own 4 heavier bikes. 

Brand Value of Allen Sports 

Dick Allen launched Allen Sports in 1967 and since then the company has been devoted to developing the most convenient bike racks and other bicycle-related products.  Dick Allen created Allen Sports after designing a pilot bike carrier in his leisure time at his Lincoln, Massachusetts shop. 

Allen immediately brought his invention to market and, by 1971, had established a significant reputation for his product. Now they own many patents, have four warehouses around the country, six factories overseas, and sell products in countries such as the US, Canada, Mexico, and China. Allen receives a 9 on the R scale.


If you are looking for an affordable way to carry multiple bikes on the trunk of your car, then the Allen trunk bike rack would work. It earned a total R score of 8.25. The rack has good features and it can be installed easily by anyone in a few minutes. We highly recommend the Allen Deluxe trunk bike carrier for kids’ bikes for example a 16” bike. If you can figure out a way to lock the bikes and bike rack, you are good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to put bike on Allen 4 bike rack?

Putting the bike on the narrow arms of the Allen 4 bike trunk rack is not an issue unless the bike is very big in size. It perfectly balances the kid’s bikes or bikes with the relatively smaller top tubes. You just have to place the bike on the arms, grip them in the rotating cradles, and strap it down the bike. You can check out our detailed article on how to put a bike on the bike rack

How to install a Allen Sports deluxe trunk mounted bike rack on a honda fit?

Installation of Allen Deluxe on sedans from Honda, such as the Honda Civic is the easiest. For installation, you have to set up the rack and place it in a way that the upper feet rest on the trunk while the lower feet rest around the license plate. Once the rack is positioned you just have to strap it to the car. Two straps have hooks and they go on the top of the trunk. 

How to install Allen Sports deluxe 2-bike trunk mount rack small SUV?

Allen Deluxe trunk bike carrier is the easiest trunk rack in terms of installation. For SUVs, you have to place the upper feet on the center of the rear window and button feet somewhere around the license plate. This rack has 6 straps that have to be fastened for stable installation. Read our detailed article on how to install a trunk bike rack on an SUV

Allen Sports deluxe 2 bike trunk mount rack model 102dn fits what cars?

Allen trunk bike rack fits almost all sedans and some hatchbacks and SUVs. There are no hard and fast rules to the compatibility of a trunk bike rack with any vehicle, so you can either check with the rack finder on Allen’s website or try to install it on your vehicle

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