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The Pipeline Racks produce different and versatile truck bed racks. It is a wheel mount bike rack that does not disturb the back camera view and accommodates multiple bikes. It can be adjusted for holding different types of bikes.

The brand has different versions of this product customized for different truck sizes and varying bike capacities. Here we have analyzed the truck bed bike rack made for full-sized trucks that can hold 4 bikes. We have also rated the different aspects of this bike rack by using the Rack score. You can read on to find out whether this bike is feasible for you. 

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Pipeline Bike Rack Summary

Truck Bed Bike Rack

  • Total Bikes: 4
  • Rack weight: 28 (lb)
  • Hitchless
  • Price: $449
  • Material: Aluminum

Bike Rack Score  

Rack score is a rating system that we have formulated to rate the different aspects of bike racks. The idea behind this is to make the decision-making process easier for you. We rate the features, brand value, price, security, customer satisfaction, capacity, compatibility, and aesthetics of all bike racks. And finally, we come up with the total R score for the rack so you can choose wisely. The total R score for Pipeline Racks is 7.9. 

Features of Pipeline Truck Bed Mount Rack

This rack accommodates 4 bikes and is made for full-sized trucks. It is also available for two, three, and five bikes. It is 58.5 inches long which means that the truck bed should be at least 58.5 inches wide. The rack is 30 inches long and 14.75 inches high. When you purchase this product, it will include everything you need to install it on your truck bed.

The wheel holder is adjustable for wheels with diameters ranging from 20 to 29 inches and tires with a width of 0.75 inches to 2.8 inches. But if you have a fat bike, you can get the Fat tire tube kit which extends the acceptable tire width to 5 inches. If you own e-bikes or other bikes weighing more than 40 lbs, we recommend that you get spare straps for additional support to the bikes.

The Pipeline Truck mount carrier has an aluminum exterior that prevents rusting. Installing the bike rack takes time but is simple and drilling is not required. The strap system holds the bike rack onto the truck bed. You can also get the Surface Mounting Kit to enable rack mounting on any hard surface. With this kit, you can also install the rack in a van or a trailer.

Mounting the bikes is easy and the best thing about this rack is that it has the solution to almost all bike rack problems. If your truck bed is small and you do not want to keep the tailgate open, you can get the T-Gator. This product allows the back wheel to be mounted on the tailgate.

For the best configuration, you can arrange two bikes facing forward and two bikes on the rear side. Since there is no restriction, you can place the front or rear tire in the cradle. If you have more than 4 bikes, you can either go for the 5 bikes version or get an additional tire cradle assembly. But that depends on how far apart you want your bikes to stand and the space on your truck bed. The wheel arms can be adjusted on the beam.

The bike rack comes in contact with the tire only. It does not have any frame contact. Contact with the tire also decreases the vibration while traveling. Once the tire is held in the wheel cradle, you can strap down the bike with the Velcro straps that come with the product. In the case of this Pipeline product, the package comes with 4 bike straps and additional straps for fastening the rack to the truck bed. These bike rack straps are tied into the strap points that are already present on the truck bed.

Since it is not a rigid mount, bikes might sway from side to side. This can be an issue if the bikes are positioned close to each other so there will be a chance of scratching. But if they are positioned far from each other a little movement will not harm.

The rack does not work with bikes that have full fenders. If you only have the fender on one tire then it can be accommodated because the rack only holds one tire. So, if one wheel has the tire fender the other one can be held in the rack.

The rack also contains Wheelie bars that are connected to the end of the wheel arm for keeping the bike straight. It aligns both tires of a bike and can be folded when it is not being used. For these features, we give this bike rack an R score of 9. 

Pipeline Truck Bed Bike Rack
TypeTruck Bed Bike Rack 
Sub-TypeWheel mount
Maximum Bikes4
Rack lock No 
Bike lock No
BrandPipeline Racks
Bike rack weight Around 25lb
Load Capacity 40lb 
HitchNot required
Consumer Satisfaction90%
Overall Rack Score7.9

Brand value of Pipeline Racks 

It is a relatively new brand in the bike rack business. It is a small company that started 15 years back as a family business. The brain behind it is passionate about mountain biking and solving problems by designing useful products. 

They have many truck bed mount racks with variations for different-sized trucks and the number of bikes. They also have biking solutions in the form of accessories that add value to their products. The brand has always brought versatile products to the bike rack market. For brand value, it obtains an R score of 8. 

Value for money

This truck Bike Rack in 2022 is priced at around $450. Now even if it accommodates four bikes, the per-bike cost is too high as compared to other truck bed racks. Also, for this price, they should at least include a locking system. Many additional parts add value to the product but they also come separately increasing the price even more. Due to this, we score the price at 7.

Is the Rack secure?

Without the security features, the bike racks lose most of the convenience. You cannot always keep an eye on the truck which means that your bike rack or bikes might be at risk of being stolen. The Pipeline Truck Rack does not come with a built-in locking mechanism.

You can get a cable lock for protecting your gear from theft and in case of any accidents. You can also get bungee straps to secure your bikes while traveling on bumpy roads. This bike carrier gets an R score of 6 for the lack of a locking mechanism. 

Are customers satisfied with this Truck Bed Bike Rack?

Customer satisfaction shows how well the product serves its functions. We give high importance to customer feedback while rating the bike racks. The rack for four bikes has 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon. The product is approved by 90% of the users. For this, it gains an R score of 8. 

Capacity and Compatibility of Pipeline Truck Bike Rack

Pipeline Racks bike rack has a capacity of 4 bikes. But you can increase it by buying additional wheel cradles to adjust the main beam.

The rack is compatible with all bikes with wheels 20-29 inches in diameter and tire width from 0.75 to 2.8 inches. This includes mountain bikes, road bikes, beach cruisers, e-bikes, BMX, and many more. You can also accommodate fat bikes if you get the Fat tire tube kit for a tire width of 3 to 5 inches.

For e-bikes weighing more than 40 lbs, it is recommended to get extra straps for increased support. With a little adjustment, you might also be able to accommodate children’s bikes on this rack.

If you own a full-size truck such as the Nissan Titan, this bike rack is suitable for you. But if you own a compact or mid-sized truck such as Frontier or Tacoma, you can get the compact bike rack which accommodates 2 or 3 bikes. For high capacity and compatibility, we give it an R score of 9. 

Aesthetics of Pipeline Bike Rack

This rack is aesthetically pleasing because of its silver aluminum exterior and unique design.  All the tubes and fittings are made of aluminum. These anodized and powder-coated components can tolerate extreme weather and make the bike rack durable. For this design, it gets an R score of 8. 


The Pipeline Racks are a convenient choice among the truck bed bike racks. If you own multiple bikes and do not want to hang them on the tailgate of your truck, then you should go for it. Although this rack is expensive, good features always come with a high price. That being said, you will have to compromise on the security of the rack and bikes unless you get yourself a separate locking device.

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