Which is the Best Toyota Tundra Bike Rack in 2022? Truck Bed or Hitch

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Tundra Bike Rack
Tundra Bike Rack

If you are a fan of mountain bike expeditions and own a Toyota Tundra, we recommend you get a Tundra bike rack for safely carrying your valuable bike(s). Selecting a rack for Tundra, requires you consider some of the factors that are dependent on your particular biking and traveling conditions.

For example, you might travel on terrain that is rough and bumpy. Other considerations might include the extra luggage space you need to keep free, if you are hitching something with your Tundra, or simply how you want your bike rack setup to look on your truck. Some racks might not fit on the truck bed length while some do not allow tailgate movement at all.  All these considerations and multiple more come into play when you select a Toyota Tundra bike rack, making it a very tricky purchase.

We have designed the below article just to support you decide the best Toyota Tundra bike rack which suits your requirement. A step-by-step procedure to funnel you down to one rack which is the best for you and your Tundra. We start by listing our top picks (for those who want to see them right away) and move on to the specific factors you need to take into account before shortlisting. The following steps include figuring out the bike racks which are completely compatible with Toyota Tundra and then moving on to a list of racks that we think are best suited (based on our numerous hours of research and analysis)

Economical 6-bike rackTailgate Pad in
Yakima tailgate pad
Delta Pro LockSecure and affordable 1 bike rackFork Mount in
 Delta Cycle Pro Lock
Inno VeloSpace-saving rack for 1 bikeSide Mount in
Inno velo bike rack
Premium no-frame contact for 1 BikeUpright Mount in
Insta Gator Pro Truck
Bike rack for Toyota Tundra truck bed | No Hitch Required
Kuat SherpaPremium rack with security for 2 bikesHitch Platform in
Kuat Sherpa
Thule Apex XTVersatile bike rack for upto 4 bikes Hitch Hanging in
 Delta Cycle Pro Lock
Allen Sports Economical bike rack for 2,3 and 4 bikesHitch Hanging in
Allen Sports 2-Bike Hitch
Hitch Bike racks for Toyota Tundra truck bed

Step 1: Considerations before shortlisting a bike rack for your Toyota Tundra

There are some very basic considerations for buying a bike rack and then there are those specific to Toyota Tundra Rack, we have listed both

  • The number of bikes you want to transport on Tundra
  • The type of bike could be a road bike, e-bike, mountain bike, kid’s bike, or women’s bike, etc.
  • How frequently you will travel along with your bike and what type of terrain you would be traveling on?
  • Are you willing to have rack and frame physical contact or the rack should only attach to the wheels of the bike? Normally riders with expensive carbon or metallic frames avoid rack and bike frame contact

Specific to the Toyota Tundra Bike rack selection

  • Are you willing to have drilling on your tundra truck bed, rails, or roof?
  • Do you have or intend to purchase a hitch receiver?
  • Would you need free space on your Tundra truck bed for luggage or kayaks or anything else?
  • Do you want the bike rack on top of the tundra truck bed cover?

Step 2: Shortlist bike racks that are compatible with the Toyota Tundra

  • Truck bed bike racks for Tundra: Compatible. Toyota Tundra (2022) comes in 3 different truck bed sizes i.e., 5.5, 6.5, and 8.1 feet long beds. The information is important for bike racks because the length will determine if your bike will fit or if you have to turn the front wheel of the bike or maybe have to take it off to fit the bike. CrewMax comes in 5.5 feet while Double Cab is 6.5 and 8.1 feet.
  • Hitch bike racks for Tundra: Compatible. SR Tow Package includes a Class-IV towing hitch receiver and wiring harness with a 7-pin connector. A two-hitch-inch receiver on Tundra would only accommodate a hitch bike rack that has a 2-inch hitch. Not a 114-inch latch.
  • Trunk bike racks for Tundra: Not Recommended.

Step 3: Select the top-rated Tundra Bike Rack

We have shortlisted from our list of best truck bed bike racks the racks find most suitable for Toyota Tundra

Best bike rack for Toyota Tundra truck bed

Yakima Gatekeeper | Tailgate Pad

Detailed Review Yakima Tailgate Pad | Gatekeeper

Made from Nylon, this comes in a medium option to carry 5 bikes and a large option to carry 6 bikes. Velcro straps hold the bikes while they are rested on almost 5-inch thick padding. No permanent drilling is required on the truck.

  • Pros: Price per bike, Easy to install
  • Cons: Not for Roadies, No Security

Designed for a family or a group of friends who own Mountain or downhill bikes, the Yakima tailgate fits like a glove on a Tundra unless if you have side rails. It even allows you to use your rear camera (flip the cover when not hauling bikes) and you can also close the Tonneau cover (On the 2019 model). It is a very economical rack given the number of bikes it allows you to carry and you don’t have to do any drilling on your Toyota Tundra truck bed. Two limitations we observe are the lack of security (no locks) and that this rack is not built for road bikes.

Delta Pro Lock Bike Rack Popular & Economical choice

Delta’s bike rack pro lock comes with its patented lockable cam lever design and can be mounted to any flat surface. Accommodates one bike and fits permanently.

  • Pros of Delta bike rack: Economical, Anti-rust, Patent lockable design
  • Cons of Delta bike rack: Not Universal

Built for a single bike to be mounted without the front wheel, this Tundra bike rack is a very economical option for you to install on your truck bed. You can use multiple Delta pro racks on the truck bed depending on whether you intend to use the truck bed space. Their patented lockable bike rack design allows you to select a lock of your choice to protect your bike from being stolen. Specifically for Tundra, we suggest this rack if you don’t mind taking off your front wheel every time you have to travel with your bike.

Inno Velo Gripper Saves space on truck bed

Detailed Review INNO Velo Gripper

A true budget option designed for one bike rack which attaches to the side rail of the truck leaving space in the middle free to be used for luggage.

  • Pros of Inno Velo: Reasonably priced, efficient space utilization
  • Cons of Inno Velo: Only one bike, No security feature

Should easily fit on a Tundra as long as it has a channel and is without a bed liner. We know owners who have fit it with tundras with a camper shell as well. The uniquely styled rack is very useful when you don’t want your bike to utilize useful space in the middle of your tundra truck bed. Please be wary that INNO RT202 works with C-channel track systems while RT201 works with C-clamps. This rack works with almost all types of bikes and even the fat tire bike as well.

Thule Insta Gater Pro Premium Upright Mount

Detailed Review Thule Insta Gater

Designed for your expensive carbon frame bike, this rack ensures zero contact with that frame. The ratcheting arm secures the bike in place and comes with the Thule’s one-key security system.

  • Pros of Insta Gater: Zero frame contact, Security
  • Cons of Insta Gater: Pricey

Designed for someone who wants it all in a bike rack for transporting one bike. The best thing about premium bike racks are they ensure the safety of the bike frame. The rack ratchets with the bike wheel front wheel instead of the bike frame ensuring no scratches. Apart from that, it has its built-in one key security system which protects the bike and the bike rack as well. We rate it as the most premium tundra bike rack for one bike.

Best Tundra racks which require a hitch

Kuat Sherpa 2.0 | Popular Choice

Hitch mount rack for carrying two bikes on the back of the vehicle. Weighs around 32 pounds and is easy to assemble. The vehicle requires a 1 1/4″ or 2″ hitch receiver for installation of this rack.

  • Pros: Quality, Design, Customer Satisfaction
  • Cons: Capacity of only 2 bikes, price

Talking about the premium Tundra bike rack, Kuat 2 is one. The advantage of this rack is you can carry multiple bikes. The rack is built to take care of expensive road and mountain bikes. It comes with a hitch arm of 11/4 and also a 2-inch receiver which is the stock size of the Toyota Tundra hitch.

Thule Apex XT | Premium Hanging

Designed to carry up to 4 bikes, this hanging-style hitch bike rack can manage a weight of up to 150 pounds. Comes with the ability to fold and appear compact when not in use. Premium bike rack by the Swedish brand Thule

  • Pros: 4 Bikes, Anti Sway, Swing feature
  • Cons: Bike-to-frame contact

Another quality product by Thule, Apex allows you to carry 4 bikes at the same time. This rack is also available in 2 and 5-bike options. The advantage of this rack is that it is economical compared to the relatively more expensive platform bike rack mentioned above. The disadvantage is that you would have to compromise on ‘no bike frame contact’

Allen Sports 2- Budget Hitch Hanging

Designed to carry up to 2 bikes, this hanging-style hitch bike rack is the most economical bike rack which offers all the basic features of a hitch bike rack

  • Pros: Price
  • Cons: Security

One of the most economical Toyota tundra bike rack options uses a hitch and leaves all the space on your tundra truck bed free for other luggage. If you look at the same amazon link above you should be able to find multiple bike options on the rack as well. A limitation apart from security we hear from its customers is that the rack sways in a certain position and you have to consider straps to stop that from happening.

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