Best wall mounted bike racks for garage

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Getting a wall-mounted rack would help you organize your cluttered garage and provide greater space for storing other vehicles. It will also protect the bike frames from scratches and dents that usually occur due to improper storage ideas.

There are hundreds of options for wall mounted bike racks for garages. And if you are searching for one these days, you might have come across wall mount racks from various brands or DIY bike rack ideas. But are you still confused about which one to pick? If so, we can help you land the best bike racks for the wall of your garage and those too at reasonable prices but with great features. 

While searching for a rack, you should know that not each of them would be suitable for you. For example, if you own fat bikes or e-bikes, you should go for Steadyrack Bike Rack, if you want a storage solution for your bike as well as a car hitch mount rack, then you would go for 1UP USA Rack Stash. 

So keeping all your requirements forward before purchasing a rack is a better approach. This article is a buying guide for wall-mounted racks which will help you figure out your specific requirements and eventually you will be able to pick one from our shortlisted wall racks for your garage. 

Wall-mounted bike racks for the garageBest for?Bike orientation 
Steadyrack Bike RackBest overall Vertical 
Delta Leonardo da Vinci Bike RackEconomical bike rack for garage Vertical 
1UP USA Rack StashBike rack for bikes and car bike rackHorizontal 
Ibera Bike Wall Mount HangerHighly adjustable wall mountHorizontal

Buyer’s guide for wall-mounted bike racks for garage

The final buying decision of a wall-mounted bike rack should be based on the following considerations. 

  • The number and type of bikes the rack can hold. The first and most basic thought is how many bikes the racks would hold. You can then choose according to the number of bikes that you own. Most of the wall-mounted racks that we come across have the capacity for one or two bikes but since they are not expensive, you can buy multiple racks if you own more than 1 or 2 bikes. 

Other than that, you should also consider the type of bikes you own. For example, some wall mounted bike racks for garages allow you to accommodate fat tire bikes while others do not. Similarly, some racks do not hold bikes with fenders or frames of unusual geometry while others are versatile and can accommodate most bike types. 

  • Price of the rack. You should also look for wall-mounted racks that can be bought within your budget. These racks come at a range of prices from which you can choose the one that meets your requirements. We have reviewed wall mount racks that come at as low as $16 and even the ones at a higher price can be bought at less than $100. 
  • Do you want to store your bikes on the ceiling (ceiling bike rack), wall, or floor of the garage? This should also be considered because other than wall-mounted bike racks for garage, ceiling and floor-mounted racks are also available. If you have space on the floor, floor-mounted bike racks are the best option because they do not require the lifting of bikes. If there is no floor space, you can go for wall-mounted racks, these racks save a lot of space but require drilling for installation. 
  • How safe it is for your bike? If you own expensive bikes, you would definitely be conscious about the safety of their frames. So, you should look for wall-mounted racks for your garage, that do not damage the bike frames. To avoid any scratches or harm to bike paint, look for racks that have rubber or foam padding, especially in the areas where the bike comes in contact with them. 

Pros and Cons of wall-mounted bike racks for garage 

Wonder why you should get a wall-mounted bike rack? There are many benefits that can make your life easier. Let’s look at the pros and cons of wall-mounted racks for garages. 

Pros of wall-mounted bike racks for garage

  • These are great storage solutions. 
  • Save a lot of space in the garage or room. 
  • Some of these racks have security features that prevent the theft of expensive bikes.
  • Increase parking capacity.
  • Give an organized and clean look to a room or garage. 
  • Prevent bike slippage.
  • Ergonomically friendly.
  • Ease of installation.
  • Other than a garage they can be used in any room.
  • Inexpensive 

Cons of wall-mounted bike racks for garage

  • Require wall drilling.
  • Some wall mounted bike racks for garage have frame contact with bikes.
  • You might have to lift bikes.

How much do the wall-mounted racks for the garage cost?

The cost of these racks is not constant because it varies depending on some factors. Some brands produce wall mounted bike racks for garage at an economical price while others cost higher. The cost also depends on the materials used for production and provided features. You can find great racks under $50 but if you want premium quality features you might have to spend a bit more, still, these racks do not cost as high as car bike racks. Even a premium quality rack can be purchased for under $90. 

How to install a bike rack on the wall of the garage?

Wall-mounted bike racks are mostly drilled into the walls. Some people use a wooden panel that is around 2” thick and fix the wall-mount racks on them and then attach the assembly to the wall. But first things first, you have to select a spot where you can hang the bikes easily. You should consider where would you be able to access the bikes most conveniently, and also keep the dimensions of bikes in consideration. Once you decide on the spot, mark the position on the wall. This should be the position where you will drill so, make sure it coincides with the wall mount rack. Then take care of all the safety measures, drill holes in the wall, insert expansion plugs, and screw in the rack.

Vertical versus horizontal wall-mounted bike racks for garage 

Wall mounted bike racks for garage exist in two different styles: vertical and horizontal. Both types save storage space and safely hold the bikes. Also, both styles would require some tools and drill for installation on the wall. However, they have different properties and are suited for certain bikes and storage conditions.

Vertical wall-mounted racksHorizontal wall-mounted racks
Bikes are held vertically i.e., perpendicular to the rackBikes are held horizontally i.e., parallel to the rack
Bikes hang from one of the wheelsBikes are held through the frame, usually, top tube
Hold a wide variety of bikes but might not work for some wheel sizesHold a wide variety of bikes but might not work for some heavy bikes
Multiple bikes can be stored side by side Multiple bikes can be stored above each other

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Top 5 Best wall mounted bike racks for garage

Steadyrack Bike Rack

The Steadyrack bike rack is one of the best wall mounted bike racks for garage. This rack can hold a wide variety of bikes ranging from 20” to 32” wheel size which means you can also trust it for kids’ bikes. On top of that, there is no need to lift up the bikes which means that even kids can load and unload their bikes themselves.

This rack works great for multiple bikes because of its pivot feature. This feature allows accommodating bikes even on walls that are not broad because the bikes can be loaded from any angle. Steadyrack bike rack offers many versions for different types of bikes.

If you are looking for wall-mounted racks and you own fat bikes up to 5”, fender bikes, mountain, and e-bikes weighing up to 77lbs look no further. Also, the rack does not make direct contact with the rim of the bike which means that you can use it for your expensive bikes without a thought. You can get any version of this rack at around $90. 

Steadyrack wall-mounted bike rack

Delta Leonardo da Vinci Bike Rack

The Leonardo da Vinci vertical bike rack from Delta is built as a hook for hanging a bike. You can install it on any wall in your garage as long as there’s enough room for a bike. This rack is the most economical and comes only at around $16 but does its job without any harm to the bike.

It will keep your bike off the floor and give a more organized look to your garage or room. If you find have difficulty loading your bikes on other wall mounted bike racks for garage, you should go for the Leonardo bike rack.

The major reason is that you can carry any geometry of the bike on this rack since it just hangs the bike on the hook through the wheel. However, make sure that the bike does not weigh more than 40 lbs. There are optional wheel trays that you can buy to protect the paint on the wall or to protect it from dirt marks left by wheels.

Moreover, the rack is compact, yet sturdy. The bike hook is made of durable rubber that does not leave scratches on the bike tire rim. Delta also gives a color option to choose from silver or black wall-mounted bike racks for your garage. 

Delta Leonardo da Vinci Bike Rack

The rack is also listed in our selection of the best bike racks for garage

1UP USA Rack Stash Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

The Rack Stash provides another unique way to store bikes in the garage. This is a hitch mount unit made to hold hitch car bike racks but once your rack is installed on it, you can load bikes as well. For example, if you own a Thule T2 hitch bike rack, you can fit it on Rack Stash and then load your bikes.

However, you need to be careful while loading bikes. If you install it directly on the wall that will not be a problem but in case you install it on wooden studs, then the rack might not be able to carry the weight of two bikes. Other than that, it is a great option for wall mounted bike racks for garage.

Both 1 ½” and 2” hitch bike racks can be accommodated on it and you can easily switch from 2” to 1 ½” through the 8 hex bolts. The best thing about this rack is that you can mount it at whatever height you want. This also makes it easier to fix the bikes while they are held in a position. At $50 it is a good deal for storing expensive hitch bike racks as well as your bikes.

1UP USA Rack Stash Hitch Mounted Bike Rack

Ibera Horizontal Bike Wall Mount Hanger

If you are looking for horizontal bike racks for the garage, Ibera’s wall-mount hanger might be the solution to your bike storage problems. This rack has some beneficial features such as adjustable arms.

Now the best thing is that not only can you adjust the arms for different top tube bikes, but you can also adjust how far it extends from the wall. So, it is a great way to organize your garage and make more use of the floor space.

Ibera claims that this rack can hold up to around 40 lbs which means you will be able to carry most road bikes and some mountain bikes. The hanger can be adjusted up to 12” and you can also adjust the width of arms for varying widths of top tubes. 

Thus, as long as you are in search of wall mounted bike racks for garage, Ibera wall mount can serve you with easy installation, durable structure, padded arms, and high versatility. You can also load your bike on it if it needs to be fixed and work easily. There are wheel straps that can further help you keep the bike in position. The best part is that you get all these features at just $36. 

Ibera Horizontal Bike Wall Mount Hanger

FAQs about wall-mounted bike racks for garage

What is the best way to hang bikes in the garage?

The best way to hang bikes is through wall-mounted bike racks for the garage. You can get these racks at affordable prices and get them installed on the wall of your garage. In fact, these are so simple that you can install them yourself but you will require a drilling machine so you should take safety precautions. 

How do I hang a heavy bike in my garage?

Wall-mount bike racks are available in different weight-carrying capacities. Some of them can even carry up to 80lbs so, if you own heavy bikes, you can look for wall-mounted bike racks for a garage that can easily hold the weight of your heavier bike. 

How do you hang bikes on a garage wall?

You can hang bikes on a garage wall by using a wall-mount bike rack. There are two types of wall mount racks, vertical and horizontal. The vertical racks usually have a hook that holds the bike through one of the wheels. While horizontal bike racks usually have two arms that are meant for placing the top tube of bikes. 

Is it OK to hang a bike from one wheel?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to hang a bike from one wheel. Bike wheels are strong and they can carry the weight of the bike if hung. Vertical wall mounted bike racks for garage hold the bikes through one of the wheels and that does not damage the bike or wheel. 

Is it OK to store mountain bike vertically?

Yes, it is ok to store mountain bikes vertically. Make sure your brakes are bled before you hang them and as long as there is no air in them, the vertical orientation of bikes works perfectly well. It is a great way to store mountain bikes and saves a lot of space. 

Is it OK to hang a bike with hydraulic brakes?

Yes, hanging a bike with hydraulic brakes is fine. Hydraulic bikes are very common and are preferred by most bikers and like other parts of a bike require regular maintenance, as is the case with these brakes. For proper functioning, the brakes need to be bled often otherwise when stored vertically the brake becomes spongy. So as long as your bike is being serviced, there would be no problem hanging it vertically.

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