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Do you want to carry your valuable bikes on a bike rack for inside SUVs? These bike racks offer a number of benefits over other racks mounted on the exterior sides of vehicles. Also if you prefer convenience over the appealing bike racks mounted on the outside of the SUV, you can also save a lot of money. 

In this article, you can read about the pros and cons of bike racks that are installed inside SUVs. You can also make your buying decision after reading the reviews of our three top picks. If still confused, compare the racks on the basis of Rack Scores that are assigned after carefully examining each rack. 

Pros of bike rack for inside SUV 

  1. No overhead clearance issue. Unlike the roof bike racks, a bike rack installed inside SUVs does not increase the overall height of the SUV. This prevents overhead clearance issues, especially in parking lots and garages. 
  2. Easy driving because the SUV length does not extend and the rear view is not blocked. Bike racks mounted on the trunk or hitch increase the overall length of SUVs. This makes driving a bit difficult, especially for new drivers. The most common problem arises while taking sharp turns and since some of these racks block the rearview, both of these issues contribute to difficulty in driving. 
  3. Bikes are protected from road grime, dirt, dust, rain, and UV sun rays. Unlike other bike racks, a bike rack installed inside SUVs protects the bikes from all the external damages caused by weather conditions or road dirt. This can increase the life of your valuable bikes. 
  4. No frame contact. Most hanging-style bike racks make contact with the top tube of bikes. This can damage the bike or scratch off the paint. Bike racks for inside SUVs are mostly fork mount so your bike(s) will not be damaged.  
  5. Security of bikes and racks. A rack for the inside SUV is not accessible for theft. So you do not have to worry about locking bikes to the rack and rack to the vehicle. You just have to lock your SUV the usual way and that is all the protection your bikes and rack would need.
  6. No damage to the paint on SUV. The paint on your SUV can be damaged by some trunk mount bike racks or hitch mount bike racks while opening the hatch. But you do not have to worry about this with a bike rack for inside SUV. 
  7. More economical. These racks cost lesser as compared to most bike racks that are externally mounted.  

Cons of bike rack installed inside SUV 

  1. You might have to detach the front wheel of the bike. Since most of these racks are fork mounts, you will have to spend some time removing the front wheel for loading your bike on the rack.
  2. Bike(s) take up the space of cargo. SUVs have cargo space on the rear side. If you use up that space for loading your bike,  you will not be able to carry along other stuff. 
  3. A limited number of passengers. Some bike racks installed in the interior space of SUVs require you to fold down the rear seats. In such cases, only a limited number of passengers can travel in an SUV. 

Our top picks for the best bike rack for inside SUV  

We have selected a few bike racks that can be installed inside the SUV. These racks have been carefully reviewed and rated on the basis of our Rack Score rating system. 

Delta Cycle Bike Rack| Versatile bike rack for installation inside SUV

Most Economical Fork Mount Bike Rack

  • Maximum Bikes: 1
  • Rack weight: .25 (lb)
  • Hitchless
  • Price: $30-50
  • Material: Steel

The Delta Cycles bike rack is the most versatile option for carrying bikes inside SUVs. This is because the rack is available in many versions with varying features. This provides a lot of options to choose from according to your SUV and the type of bike you own.

These versions include some that are only compatible with 9mm x 100mm dropout forks while there is one that is compatible with Thru-axle forks only. So you can choose according to the fork of the bike you own. Secondly, some of the versions have security features with locks included. Although it is a plus, we do not believe it is necessary for a bike rack for inside SUV because such a rack is not prone to theft.

However, all these versions can be mounted on any flat surface which means you can either install it on the floor of your SUV or on a flat board and then place it inside the SUV. Some users complain that the bikes sway a bit but that varies for each setup. It is still popular for its ease of use and can be purchased at a reasonable price ranging from $20-50 according to the version. 

Full Review: Detla Cycle Rack  

Hollywood Racks T970 Fork Block| Economical bike rack for inside SUV

This fork block from Hollywood racks can serve as a good rack for SUVs if you have standard forks around 4 inches wide. The compact design of this fork block lets you adjust it easily in the back of an SUV. One fork would hold one bike so you can purchase as many as the bikes you own but make sure that all of them can fit the back of your SUV.

However, even if you buy multiple fork blocks, they will not be a burden on your pocket because these are available at very low prices at around $18 each. Also, this bike rack can be installed easily inside the SUV thanks to the pre-drilled holes. So you just need to fix it on a solid flat surface such as a wooden board and then place it inside your SUV.

In this way, you will not have to drill it in your SUV. You can use it for any type of bike, including road bikes, mountain bikes, and carbon frames, but they should not be Thru-Axle.

This rack can also be mounted on truck beds and unlike the Delta Cycle bike rack, it does not have a locking mechanism which is not a problem if you are using it inside your SUV. But overall it is the most inexpensive bike rack for inside SUVs and ensures the safe transport of bikes. 

Saris Traps Triple Track Bike Rack| Inside SUV rack for multiple bikes

If you are looking for a multi-bike rack for your SUV, you should consider the Saris Traps Triple Rack. It would allow you to load up to 4 bikes but it does not include the fork traps. All you get in the package is the aluminum frame which you can choose from 35″ or 47″ long according to the dimensions of your SUV.

Apart from that, you will get the mounting hardware required for mounting 3 fork traps. These include washers, bolts, and nuts. So for a complete setup, you will have to buy the fork traps and wheel holders separately.

So overall it costs more than the other racks we have discussed above. However, you can use it for any quick-release bike and if you own a thru-axle bike, you can buy a thru-axle adapter and carry the bike safely.

The best part is that you can use it without drilling into a surface because it is capable of keeping the bikes upright. The weight of the bikes keeps the rack in position. So overall, it is a useful bike rack if you want to spend the weekend on a biking trip with your friends or family.

DIY bike rack for inside SUV

DIY bike rack for installation inside SUV is very easy and would just require some basic tools which you would already have and if not, you can get them from a nearby hardware store. First of all, you need to measure the size of your SUV floor.

Once you have the measurement you should get a wooden or metal board or rod and cut it into the size of your SUV. This board or road should be wide enough to fix fork mounts and strong enough to carry the weight of bikes while keeping them upright.

Next, you need to drill holes in the rod, paint it if you want, and use bolts nuts, and washers to fix the fork mounts on the rod. You can get as many fork mounts as the number of bikes you own. Finally, you will have to glue the whole setup inside the floor of your SUV and there you have your bike rack for the inside of the SUV. 

FAQs for inside bike rack for SUV 

Can you do a homemade bike rack for inside SUV?

Yes. You just need to buy a wooden board long enough to fit in your SUV and a fork block. By using screws and bolts, you can fix the two things together and you will have a homemade bike rack of your own. 

Which is the best bike rack for inside of SUV?

Delta Cycle, Hollywood Racks T970, and Saris Traps Triple Track bike racks are among the best bike rack for inside SUV. From these racks, you can select the one that suits you the best. Delta cycle is recommended if you own a thru-axle bike, Triple Track if you want to carry multiple bikes in your SUV, and T970 if you are looking for an economical bike rack for a quick-release bike.

Is it easy to mount a bike rack inside SUV?

Mounting a bike rack inside SUV is easier as compared to other bike racks. You can leave these installed because they do not block access to anything. Also, these racks are compact and lightweight which makes them easier to handle during installation. 

How to mount a bike on a bike rack inside SUV?

To mount a bike on a bike rack for the inside SUV, you would need to remove the front wheel of the bike and then load it onto the fork block. Some racks also allow you to lock the bike on the rack with integrated locking mechanisms.

What is the best SUV not hitch bike racks?

The best SUV non-hitch bike racks are Allen Deluxe and Saris Bones Ex. These are recommended for many top-selling SUVs in the US, Canada, and other countries around the world. The list includes trunk bike racks, roof bike racks, and spare tire bike racks.

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