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Delta Cycle Rack’s Summary

Most Economical Fork Mount Bike Rack

  • Maximum Bikes: 1
  • Rack weight: .25 (lb)
  • Hitchless
  • Price: $30-50
  • Material: Steel

Pros of Delta Pro Lock

  • Simple to use
  • Can be attached to a truck bed, sliding tray, or wheel wells
  • It opens wide enough with the over-center cam allowing the fork to clear
  • Once installed it stays stable
  • Very sturdy bike rack option
  • The bike does not fall out
  • It comes with a lock
  • Saves time
  • Rubber coated ends to protect the paint on bikes and vehicle
  • Numerous mounting options
  • Bikes are held securely and do not move

Cons of Delta Pro Lock

  • Requires drilling into the surface for attachment
  • Bolts are not a standard size
  • Long; cannot accommodate women’s or kid’s bikes
  • Only for drop-out or open-slot bikes

If you are looking for a bike rack to carry your bike on a pick-up truck, you have come to the right place. Delta bike racks for trucks are available in a variety so almost all types of bikes can be accommodated. Delta is a relatively new manufacturer of bike racks, that works on a range of products to make them an economical alternative to other products in the market.

Here we will review the Delta cycle bike rack for the truck bed and all its versions. We will look into the features, security mechanisms, customer satisfaction, and other factors and rate them on the basis of our Rack score rating system. In this way, you can compare the product with other bike racks for truck beds.

Delta Bike Racks falls in our top 5 for the best bike rack for truck bed list.

Comparing different types of delta cycle racks

Many versions of the fork mount Delta cycle bike rack exist. These versions have a few different features some are for thru-axle bikes while others are for quick-release bikes. Some allow you to lock the bike to the rack but others do not. The table below mentions all the versions with their features.

Delta bike racksCompatible bike Bike securityPrice 
Original Bike Hitch9 x 100mm dropout bikesNo Amazon 
Bike Hitch Lockable9 x 100mm dropout bikesYes Amazon 
Bike Hitch Pro9 x 100mm dropout bikesYes Amazon 
Bike Hitch Pro With Lock9 x 100mm dropout bikesYes (lock and keys included)Amazon 
Thru-Axle HitchThru-axle bikes No Amazon 

How do the Delta bike racks work?

The delta pro lock bike rack and original hitch are designed to accommodate quick-release bikes. So, if you can easily remove the front tire of your bike without affecting the brakes, Delta bike racks might be a good choice. 

Since it can be fixed to any flat surface, you can install it into the bed of your pick-up or on the top rail of the truck bed. it can also be installed in cars other than pick-up trucks for example to the sliding tray of your SUV, or in your garage.

This bike rack is very simple to install. First of all, you have to identify a suitable surface. It has two holes that can be bolted to fix the rack on any flat surface be it a truck bed or a wall. Delta pro comes with bolts, washers, and nuts. It also has a 9m skewer that helps in attaching the bike to the mount quickly.

One end of the Delta Cycle bike rack has a patented cam lever that can be locked and comes with a lock and keys. The bike can be clamped easily just like a quick-release mounted on a fork mount rack. But if you have a bike with a thru-axle, you can get the thru-axle hitch.

Rack Score for rating Delta bike racks 

Racks score (R score) is a rating system we have devised to make it easier for you to analyze the various factors that should be kept in mind while buying a bike rack. Here we have rated the features, aesthetics, compatibility, security, customer satisfaction, price, and brand value of Delta bike racks. These factors have been awarded a score on a scale of 10.

Features 8
Aesthetics 9
Security 8
Customer satisfaction 8.7
Capacity and compatibility7
Brand value7
Value for money8
Total R score 8

What are the features of Delta bike racks?

Delta bike racks are easy-to-install and save a lot of time. These racks just require a plain surface so you can install them on your truck bed rails as shown in the picture below. The rack is pre-aligned for the easier installation of the bike fork. Mounting a bike on other bike racks can take up to 15 minutes but with Delta Pro, it will only take two minutes. 

You might think that the back wheel would need some support but in reality, the Delta Cycle bike rack keeps the bike firm even on a rough road and does not let it move an inch. You just have to fix the fork and tighten the rack and you are good to go. 

The outstanding features do not let the bike fall, be stolen, or be scratched. The dropout bike rack has a 9mm diameter tube around which the bike fork rests and both ends of the fork rest 100mm apart as shown in the picture below. While the thru-axle rack works for bikes that have axles ranging from 100mm to 150mm in width. 

These Delta Bike racks have a cam lever that secures bike forks. The locking versions allow you to grip the bike by tightening the lever, after aligning it with the locking arm, you can put in any padlock and lock the bike to the bike rack. 

These racks keep the bike very stable and there is no need to use any straps for keeping the bike upright and in position. Compared to the racks that have ratchet straps, using the Delta cycle bike rack is a breeze as it is simple, secure, and time-saving. Due to these features, we give it an R score of 8.

TypeTruck Bed Bike Rack 
Sub-TypeHitch mount
Maximum Bikes1
Rack lock No 
Bike lock Yes 
Bike rack weight 0.25 lb
Load Capacity No limit 
Customer Satisfaction88%
Rack Score (Overall)7.55

Do Delta bike racks look good installed on a vehicle?

In terms of aesthetics, the Delta bike racks have an edge over most bike racks because of their compact size. The surface has a powder-coated finish that gives them a fine look and saves them from corrosion. However, the stainless-steel bolts and nuts are not powder coated and are susceptible to rust. For aesthetics, this bike rack gets an R score of 9.

Are security locks provided with Delta bike racks?

Delta cycle bike rack has different versions and as mentioned above, it has three locking versions. As shown in the picture below, the lever and base have one hole each that must be aligned for placing a lock through. The bike rack comes with a lock and three keys. 

However, some users complain that the locking system on Delta bike racks is not enough. This is because loosening the skewer from the other side is quite easy. You can use a cable lock across the bike and truck bed to ensure that your bike is secure. For security, we give it an R score of 8.

Are customers satisfied with Delta bike racks?

Customer reviews are the first thing we check before buying a product. With more than 2700 global ratings on Amazon, the Delta bike racks have been rated 4.5 out of 5. Around 88% of the users seem to be satisfied with the product. This gives it an R score of 8.7.

What are happy customers of delta bike racks happy about?

Most of the positive reviews of the Delta cycle bike rack appreciate the quality of the rack. Most customers like it because it is a sturdy and solid rack that does not let a bike move. They also love that it can be locked, quickly loads bikes, and comes at a low price. 

Buyers like that this rack is durable and does not rust. And because Delta bike racks keep the bikes fixed in a position, they do not wobble even if the customers travel at uneven places no matter what the speed. 

What are the disappointed delta bike racks customers unhappy about?

Some unhappy customers do not trust the locking system on this rack. They believe that a thief can easily unscrew the nut and take away the bike, thus even though you have put on the lock, you would not be able to leave the bike unattended. 

Some customers also complain that the bolt size is not usual and it would be better if the rack came with standard bolt sizes. Moreover, the design of the lever is a bit inconvenient because when the two levers are aligned, it is difficult to separate them without a thin tool. 

What is the capacity and compatibility of the Delta cycle bike rack?

The Delta bike racks can accommodate only one bike with a 9x100mm quick-release or a thru-axle fork. There is no weight limit to the bikes so you can use the rack for a variety of bikes from heavy mountain bikes, fat bikes, e-bikes, or tandem bikes to kids’ bikes. 

One major compatibility issue with the quick-release bike racks is that they mostly work for older-style bikes. Such as bikes with drop-out or open slots. So even though they claim that it is a universal bike rack, it is not. 

Although the Delta cycle bike rack accommodates one bike, you can still use these racks for safely carrying multiple bikes in your truck. The picture below shows two racks installed at some distance on the truck bed rail. The racks are economical so you can buy multiple racks. 

Before purchasing the Delta bike racks, you should check the fork size of your bike. You should also check the size of your pick-up or van, and compare it with the size of your bike to see if the bike can be accommodated inside the truck bed. Due to the limited compatibility, we give it an R score of 7. 

Brand value of Delta 

Delta is a new company as compared to Yakima or Thule. It has been creating cycling products and accessories for 30 years. Still, Delta guarantees the quality of its products and has sold over 400,000 Bike Hitch units. We give it a score of 7 for brand value.

What value for money is offered by Delta bike racks?

The price of Delta bike racks ranges from $30-$60 but you can save up to 45% if you get them from Amazon. The price is reasonable considering it holds a single bike but comes with a locking mechanism. But considering that it only accommodates specific bikes we give it an R score of 8.

Final verdict 

In a nutshell, the Delta cycle bike rack is suitable for people who want to carry one bike and make the most out of the space on their pick-up truck. The locking mechanism is a plus point but before purchasing make sure it is compatible with your bike.

How to use the Delta Cycle bike rack on vehicles other than trucks?

Other than a pickup trucks, Delta bike racks can be used on other vehicles as well. For example, you can use the thru-axle rack and mount it on a roof bike rack. Roof bike racks are usually compatible only with quick-release bikes. 

The thru-axle rack from Delta comes with adapters for Thule, Kuat, and Yakima. So if you own roof racks from these brands, you can get the thru-axle Delta bike rack, install it on those racks, and then easily carry your bike on the roof of your car. 

Other than that, you can also use the Delta bike racks for carrying the bikes inside an SUV or van. For that, you can set up a DIY bike rack and install it inside the vehicle. You can find out how to make a DIY bike rack for inside SUV in our review. 

Are there Delta bike racks for garage storage?

Delta has various bike racks for the garage. These include free-standing racks, wall-mount racks, and vertical bike racks. Among the free-standing racks, we find the adjustable floor stand to be very useful since it saves a lot of space. It is also available with wheels which lets you move it around along with the bike. 
But in case you want to save floor space, you can get a wall-mount Delta cycle bike rack. The Delta bike racks feature a wall-mount hook that accommodates many bike different bikes. This rack saves space in your garage and is very reasonable.

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