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The Hollywood bike racks are gaining popularity, especially for their hitch mount racks. The Destination range of Hollywood has hitch bike racks for 2 and 4-bike capacity.

While searching for bike racks, it is important to understand that not all racks would be suited for you. Each hitch bike rack is made for a specific range of wheelbase and tire width. The Hollywood racks 4 bike version might be suitable for you if you own multiple bikes. 

In this article, we have reviewed Destination 2 and 4-bike versions. We have also used the Rack score rating system for rating the capacity, compatibility, aesthetics, security, price, and features of The Hollywood hitch mount racks for 2 and 4 bikes.

  • Features
  • Price
  • CSat
  • Brand
  • Looks
  • Security
  • Capacity
  • 8.0
  • 8.0
  • 9.5
  • 8.0
  • 8.0
  • 10
  • 8.0
  • Can accommodate multiple bikes 
  • Foldable 
  • Compatible with many bike types 
  • Wobble-free
  • Bikes are secure due to the locking hitch pin
  • Reasonable price 
  • Easy to assemble 
  • No rattling noise
  • Loading and adjusting bikes on the wheel tray might take extra time

Features of Hollywood Destination Bike Racks 

The Destination Hollywood bike racks come in two and four-bike capacities. Its high-quality features allow the accommodation of most bike types weighing up to 35 pounds. You can use them for your bikes with a wheelbase of 48 inches maximum and for bikes with a maximum tire width of 3 inches.

The 2 bike rack fits a 1 ¼ – 2 inches hitch size while the Hollywood racks 4 bike version fits only a 2-inch hitch size. These racks are easy to install because they come fully assembled.

The highlighting features of this bike rack include the frame holders that are padded for protection from bike paint and also rotate 360 degrees. Moreover, the wheel trays come with already installed ratchet straps.

Padded frame holder

You will put each bike on a wheel tray and then secure the wheels by using the ratchet straps. Afterward, the bike frame is secured by the rotating and sliding cradle present on the center post.

When not in use, you can save space and fold it into a flat design. This will make storage and parking much easier.

Foldable rack
Foldable rack

If you purchase this rack, make sure that you do not use it for a towed vehicle or trailer. For these features, we present it with an R score of 8.

Are the customers of Destination satisfied?

Customers mostly provide the most honest reviews and it is safe to say that almost every buyer first goes throw the reviews or customer ratings before making the final decision. 

Hollywood bike racks Destination 2 and 4, are rated 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon. This exceptional rating indicates that most users have had a good experience with this rack. 

Moreover, the rack is a high seller with 950 global ratings on Amazon and it is liked by 93% of the buyers who have rated it with a 4 or 5 star. For this good response from customers, we give it an R score of 9.5.

Aesthetics of Hollywood Destination Bike Racks 

Destination racks are available in black color and are made up of plastic and alloy steel. These racks weigh around 42 pounds. You may consider the looks of the bike rack before purchasing just to be sure about how it would look installed on your car. 

The Hollywood racks 4 bike version is 47 inches long, 44 inches wide, and 34 inches in height. For this appearance, we give it an R score of 8.

Capacity of Hollywood Racks and Compatibility with vehicles

The Destination series comes in two bike capacities. They have a bike rack for accommodating 2 bikes and another for carrying 4 bikes. 

This rack is compatible with most bikes such as mountain bikes, road bikes, hybrid bikes, and even kids’ and women’s bikes. Just make sure it doesn’t have a wheelbase exceeding 48 inches and the tire width should not be more than 3 inches.

It is also compatible with vehicles with a 1 ¼ – 2 inches hitch size. You can use it for other vehicles too if you get a hitch receiver. For this high capacity and compatibility, we give it an R score of 9.

Is Hollywood Destination rack worth the price?

These racks can be bought for around $190-400. The Destination 2 bike hitch rack costs around $190 and would cost you around $95 per bike. While the Hollywood racks 4 bike version costs around $400 and you would be spending $100 per bike. Both racks are cost-effective as compared to other hitch bike racks and for this, we give them an R score of 9.

Brand Value of Hollywood Racks

Back in their bike store in Hollywood, California, Hollywood Racks began with trunk racks. Their goal was to provide high-quality goods that were simple to use and arrived assembled. A sturdy bike rack that can travel with you on all your adventures, trips, and rides. Where around 50 years later, they developed a variety of bike racks aimed at different markets. 

It has produced trike racks, RV racks, sport rider-type racks, spare tire racks, and e-bike racks. They continue to work in the center of Los Angeles today, every day considering the best method for the convenience of riding enthusiasts throughout the world. For this, we give it an R score of 8.

Is Hollywood Destination secure?

Hollywood bike racks have an integrated locking system. This includes a locking hitch pin, keyed-alike hitch lock, and frame hooks. They protect the bikes and racks from theft. This is a useful feature required by people who have to leave the bike rack and bikes unattended for a while during the road trip. 

Hitch pin
Hitch pin

Without a locking mechanism, your bikes and rack would be at risk of theft. This is why we give high importance to the security offered by bike racks. Since Destination has a solution for securing both the rack and bikes, we give it an R score of 10 for security. 

Rack Score (R Score) for Rating Bike Racks 

We put a lot of thought into easing the process and came up with the Rack Score (R score). This R score uses a scale of 1 to 10 to rank bike racks. This score is determined by independently ranking each of the many characteristics of bike racks, including their capacity, aesthetics, cost, and security. 

Hollywood racks- Destination 2-4 bike rack


The Hollywood bike racks (Destination 2-4) have some remarkable features and capacity. The price is also great compared to other hitch bike racks. You may get it for your expensive bikes without a thought. These racks have remarkable customer satisfaction and would be a useful addition to your gear. Analyzing the aesthetics, security, price, and other features leaves us with a total R score of 8.825. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a hr1000z-r and hr1000y_r Hollywood bike racks?

HR1000Y-R is the older version of the same rack that is now available in the model HR1000Z-R.

Where to buy Hollywood bike racks in Lehigh Valley, PA?

To buy Hollywood racks in Lehigh Valley the closest options are Action Wheels Bike shop in Bethlehem or Curts Cyclery in Nazareth. You can also get them from Jason’s Bikes in Mertztown.

Where are Hollywood bike racks made?

With trunk-mounted racks at a store in Hollywood, California, Hollywood Racks was founded in 1973. After developing a solid reputation, the business quickly started providing racks to more bike stores all around California. They started supplying racks to bicycle manufacturers including Schwinn and Nishiki in the late 1970s. They established a tiny plant in Los Angeles in 1981 to produce only vehicle racks, then in 1988, they moved to a larger facility. To its current facility in the Los Angeles area with production in Taiwan, they have moved its headquarters, R&D, and US warehouse.

What is the difference between the Hollywood and Swagman bike racks?

Swagman bike racks are available in different bike capacities in hitch, roof, and fork mount styles. They have racks for carbon frames and other bikes. It was also one of the first companies to introduce hitch bike racks. While Hollywood Racks has made e-bike racks, trike racks, RV racks, sport rider racks, and racks for spare tires. They are still at work in the heart of Los Angeles today, always debating the best way to accommodate riders from all over the world.

Who sells Hollywood bike racks in Whatcom County?

You can get them around Whatcom county at multiple shops such as the Earls Bike Shop which is located some 24.61 miles away. Other options include Lennys Bike Shop in Ferndale and Skagit Cycle Center #1 in Burlington. 

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