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We have reviewed the Thule bike rack straps (534) along with listing a basic guideline around bike rack straps. Cover topics such as how to install bike rack straps, what sizes they are available in, compatibility, and other FAQs.

Our Review

Thule 534 accessory strap kit is a decent replacement for your failed original straps. They are a bit thicker and less stretchy as compared to the original ones but we do think these straps are sturdier and should last longer. The good thing about these is that they are very easy to replace and can also be used for multiple other best types of bike racks as well. Since the bike rack strap is the most failing part of the bike rack we do recommend using the best quality straps. Thule is the leading brand for bike racks which manufactures the most premium products in the category.

Thule bike rack straps

Bike Scientist

Thule bike rack straps
The set includes four straps with each hole capable of fitting over a half-inch tab.
Overall Rating


Perfect replacement straps for your rack.

Pros: Perfect substitute for the original straps
Cons: Stiffer which makes it tough to fit them
Price Around $30


Why do Thule bike rack straps break?

The primary reason why the original bike rack straps break is the material deterioration. Straps are made from rubber and rubber hardens over time. Especially due to prolonged exposure to sunlight and oxygen which the rack straps go through. Other than that we think any of the below can be the second reason which leads to breaking

  • You could have over-tightened the strap beyond its capacity,
  • Age of straps
  • Extreme weather
  • Some cuts/tears due to any reason (during installation, bike latching, etc.)

Unfortunately, unless there is innovation and some other material is used we can expect the non-metal parts will weather and fail on bike racks.

Should I replace one broken strap or all the straps on the bike rack?

Depends on the reason why originally the strap failed. We would recommend changing all if you know the strap broke because of wear and tear over time. But if you are sure that the one broken strap is due to manhandling and other straps are not compromised then just change the broken one.  

How to install Thule bike rack straps?

You can install the straps by initially taking off the end caps. Slide the cradle off and then the old rubber strap can be easily taken off. Take the brand new one and fix one end in the notch. Finally slide it back on and don’t forget to put back the end cap on. Simple process. You can also see the below video to see how it’s done

Installation Video

What is the size of the Thule bike rack straps?

Unlike what the picture shows, inside the package are Thule Ripple Straps. They measure 8 3/4″ end to end and 7″ center to center of the outermost holes.

Package dimensions (Not straps)

Which bike racks are compatible with these Thule straps?

We have listed out some of the racks these are compatible with and some of those with these are not compatible. We will advise taking measurements of the old strap and comparing them to the mentioned size for these straps before purchasing them

  • Thule 9029XT
  • Thule Apex
  • Raceway PRO9001
  • Gateway 3 Trunk Bike Rack
  • Thule racks with 5 square holes
  • Thule 910xt passage 2
  • Thule 9030 (Older XT version)
  • Raceway Platform models
  • Apex 4
  • Thule Vertex 9029xt
  • Thule® Tempo Trunk
  • Thule Parkway 956 (old models)
  • Archway models
  • Parkway 2
  • thule 914 roadway rack
  • Thule Thruway 986
  • Thule Pro 934 bike rack

Wheel Stabilizer Straps

Wheels on bikes usually spin when you are traveling with them on a bike rack. This can be annoying sometimes and makes it difficult to keep the rack stable. You can now prevent that by using wheel stabilizer straps that hold the bike wheel in a fixed position. 

Thule Cradle Ratchet Strap Kit

If the ratchet straps on your bike wear out, you can get them separately from Thule. The Thule Cradle Ratchet strap Kit consists of four cradle straps and two anti-sway straps. The cradle straps are long enough to fit over the bike top tubes and two of these cradle straps are used for each bike.

The anti-sway straps are smaller than cradle straps and one is required for each bike. So, you will get a total of four straps which you can use for securing two bikes on the bike rack. The anti-sway and cradle straps are 291mm and 371mm long respectively and are around 1 inch wide.

This kit is compatible with specific bike rack models including Thule Range, Thule Helium Pro, Thule Apex XT, and Thule Camber while they have also been used for Thule Raceway Pro and Gateway Pro. These straps are only suggested for hanging style racks and that too not all of them.

So, if you own the above-mentioned bike racks from Thule you can go for these Thule bike rack parts to secure your bikes. We do not recommend them otherwise, for example, they will not be useful if you own Thule T2 Pro, EasyFold, or any rack that does not originally come with ratchet straps. You can purchase the full kit for around $40.

  • Pros: Identical to original ratchet straps
  • Cons: Difficult to loosen 
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