Best Vertical Bike Rack Hitch for 6 bikes in 2022

vertical bike rack hitch
vertical bike rack hitch

Vertical hitch bike racks are designed for transporting multiple bikes with no compromise on space. You might have a big family or a gang of cyclist friends or doing it commercially (tour operator) and want to transport a number of bikes along with people then vertical bike rack hitch is the rack for you. We don’t claim that you cannot find a vertical bike rack that fits a car, SUV, or other types, but most are made for vans and trucks and are fairly heavy as well. Almost all of them fit a 2-inch hitch with a minimum class III rating.

In order to help you select the best vertical hitch rack, we have compared the best types of racks in the category. Also, we have done individual reviews of the racks along with answering any FAQs you might have regarding the vertical rack.

Advantages of vertical hitch bike rack

  • Vertical hitch bike racks can carry more bikes (7 bike hitch rack) as compared to other types such as the trunk bike rack or horizontal hitch bike rack which are usually catering up to 4 bikes
  • The length of your vehicle does not increase drastically or to the illegal limit
  • Carry all the advantages of hitch bike racks such as protecting the paint of your vehicle, easy folding, and being best for daily usage
  • The price per bike is more reasonable as compared to single-hitch bike racks
  • Cool-looking bike racks! Yes, they really look cooler than the regular bike racks. A number of people in their reviews mention that they bought the vertical bike racks because of their cooler looks

Disadvantages of vertical hitch bike rack

  • You have to lift the bikes. Can become difficult with a heavier bike
  • Most vertical hitch bike racks are designed for suspension for bikes which means they are not meant to be used for Roadbikes

The vertical bike rack hitch comes with limited bike and vehicle compatibility. They are expensive bike racks built for a niche market. Due to the load, they carry and their own weight, these racks are prone to more sway and movement while traveling as well. But the sway can easily be managed through different hitch clamps and other supporting products

Best Vertical Bike Rack Hitch for 6 bikes in 2022

YAKIMA, HangOver, 4-6 Bike – Premium | Vertical Hitch

  • 6 Bike
  • Hitch
Yakima Hangover 6 and 4
Yakima Hangover 6 and 4
  • Features
  • Price
  • CSat
  • Brand
  • Looks
  • Security
  • Capacity
  • 8.0
  • 9.0
  • 8.5
  • 9.0
  • 10
  • 9.0
  • 8.5
  • Can accommodate multiple bikes 
  • Tilt for easy access to the rear of the car
  • Vertical orientation 
  • Accommodates up to 6 bikes 
  • Three different configurations for loading the bikes
  • Easy loading of bikes
  • Only for suspension forks

Want a premium rack for your car from a popular brand and reliable brand? Yakima Hangover is made to carry up to 6 bikes. We highly recommend this rack to people looking for vertical racks for their suspension bikes. This rack is quite durable and securely carries your bikes by taking up minimum space. We like it for its simplicity even though it does not offer a variety of features, it serves its purpose. 

Pros Brand, Quality, Capacity
Cons Not RV compatible
Rating 4.4 out of 5

Price Around $950

Complete Review: Yakima HangOver 6

North shore bike rack NSR 6 – Budget Pick | Vertical Hitch

North shore bike rack NSR 6
North shore bike rack NSR 6

North Shore Racks, is a company based in North Vancouver founded by Malcolm and Alison almost 7 years back. They have recently upgraded the NSR 6 with the option to fold it when not in use. The good thing we like about the rack is that it comes is a competitive price with a lot of features. The rack is lightest in the category while they claim they can carry the heaviest of bikes (60 lbs) totaling up to 300 pounds.

Rating 4 out of 5
Price Around $750

Velocirax Bike Rack 7 – 7 Bike Hitch Rack

Velocirax Bike Rack 7
Velocirax 7 bike hitch rack)

A tough bike rack with a capacity of 7 bikes. VelociRax 7 is an attempt by manufacturers to offer all features a customer might want in a rack. This 7-bike hitch rack is Compatible with road bikes, e-bikes, kid’s bikes, and also fat bikes, the rack comes with an option of a garage mounting kit as well. Overall the rack is tough and easy to store.  

Pros Carry 7 bikes, Road bike compatible
Cons Heavy
Rating 4 out of 5

Price Around $900

Lolo Bike Rack 6 – Vertical Hitch

Lolo Bike Rack
Lolo Bike Rack

The rack has been marketed for its excellent ground clearance. Lolo bike rack for 6 bikes comes compatible with road bikes (maximum 4), Fat bikes (except some carbon forks), and kid’s bikes as well. With a slight incremental price, you are getting this rack with the locking hitch Bolt as well. But please note the rack is not compatible with RVs and Camper trailers as well.

Pros Road bike Compatible
Cons Compatibility with RVs, Camper Trailers
Rating 4 out of 5

Price Around $809

Comparison and Reviews

Below we have compared the 4 leading racks for the vertical bike rack hitch category. The basic comparison is on the price, weight, the number of max bikes they can carry, and multiple other factors which you should consider before purchasing one.

FAQs for vertical bike racks

What types of bikes can be put on vertical bike racks?

You can put different types of bikes on vertical bike racks but primarily these racks are meant for mountain bikes. All brands primarily mention MTBs in their description.

Can you use road bikes on a vertical bike rack hitch?

You can put road bikes on some vertical bike racks. VelociRax 7 and Lolo Racks accommodate road bikes while Yakima and North shore don’t recommend putting drop bar bikes on the rack at all. Yakima categorically mentions that the rack is built for suspension forks only (no rigid forks)

What type of vehicles is vertical bike rack hitch compatible with?

Vertical bike racks are normally built for vans and trucks to carry multiple bikes simultaneously. Some of them are compatible with RVs and trailers but due to their massive weight, these are only compatible with vehicles that have hitch receivers measuring 2 inches and in class 3.

How to install the Yakima vertical hitch bike rack?

The below video by Yakima explains in detail how to install a vertical hitch bike rack (Yakima Hangover)

What is the average price for a vertical bike rack hitch?

The average price for these racks is around 850 USD with Yakima asking the highest price at almost 950 USD.

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