5 Best Toyota Sienna Bike Racks: The Ultimate Buying Guide

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Getting a Toyota Sienna bike rack is a much-needed upgrade before biking with family or friends. There are multiple options for owners of this minivan because the trunk, hitch, and roof bike racks are all compatible with Sienna. 

In this article, we have shortlisted the 5 best racks for your bikes after carefully reviewing each feature and keeping the requirements of each user ahead. We have also provided a detailed guide to help you funnel down to the one rack that suits you the best. 

Bike racks for SiennaBest for?
Thule T2 Pro XTRPremium Bike Rack for Toyota Sienna
Allen Sports Hitch Bike RackEconomical Hitch Rack
Thule Gateway ProOverall Best Trunk Rack for Sienna
Allen Sports DeluxeBest Trunk Rack under $50
Seasucker Mini BomberVersatile roof mount rack

What Are the 5 Best Toyota Sienna Bike Racks?

Thule T2 Pro is a high-ranking bike rack for many vehicles. So if you are in a hurry we recommend getting this rack otherwise, you can compare other racks. There are economical options such as Allen Sports hitch and trunk racks, a high-quality Thule Gateway trunk rack, and the Seasucker Mini Bomber.

Thule T2 Pro XTR

If you are willing to invest in an expensive but high-quality product, there is no better choice than the Thule T2 Pro XTR. We suggest this bike rack for most cars and especially for people who own heavy e-bikes or fat tire bikes. You can find other cheaper bike racks that carry e-bikes and fat bikes but they are not durable and secure.

However, Thule T2 Pro has all the features that you could imagine. For example, this bike rack for Sienna would let you open the hatch upwards after you tilt the rack down. And you can even do that when bikes are loaded on the rack. Apart from that, it has a good locking system to secure the bikes as well as the rack. 

It is designed to carry two bikes, but you can increase the capacity and carry a total of four bikes by purchasing the add-on. The framework of the rack is extremely sturdy and can hold the biggest bikes available (up to 60 lbs each). 


Carries heavy and fat tire bikes

Tilts down to allow access to the trunk


Premium with many high-end features


High cost

Allen Sports Hitch Bike Rack

If you do not own heavy or fat tire bikes and do not want to spend a hefty amount of money on a bike rack, you can get the hanging-style hitch bike rack from Allen Sports. Although you will not find it as solid or premium quality as Thule T2, it offers many useful features on a surprisingly low budget. 

The rack is lightweight, easy to install, has a high bike-carrying capacity, allows access to the hatch, and is durable. It has a steel structure that lasts for a long time and has many add-on options to upgrade the rack depending on the use. And the great thing is that even the four-bike model of this rack costs below $100. But you will experience some wobbling and rattling if the bikes are not secured properly with the straps.


Economical rack for multiple bikes

Tilts down

Many add-ons are available



Bikes wobble

Frame adaptor required for some bikes

Thule Gateway Pro

If you have two or three bikes that each weigh 35 pounds or less, this Toyota Sienna bike rack no hitch would be appropriate. Gateway Pro has a FitDial setting that lets it mount on various vehicles including Sienna. Once you have it in the right fit, you just have to place the straps on the corners of the hatch. 

Thule Gateway has some superior qualities as compared to other trunk bike racks. Since most trunk racks lack locks or locking mechanisms, we appreciate Thule for adding a bike lock to the package. Moreover, the rack is constructed with solid and durable material that makes it sturdy.


Premium features




Frame adaptor required for some bikes

Allen Sports Deluxe Trunk Rack

Want to buy an economical trunk bike rack Sienna for under $50? The deluxe trunk rack does not have locking features, premium qualities, or an impressive structure but it has all the essential features that are required for carrying 2-4 lightweight bikes. So if you are on a tight budget, you can purchase the Allen Sports Deluxe trunk mount rack to carry the bikes without scratching the paint on your Sienna.

Multi-bike racks are usually quite expensive. Thus, the Deluxe trunk rack is an economical option for families or a group of friends traveling together. The rack is light and has a no-sweat installation procedure. Your bikes might, however, shake while turning or traveling over relatively rough ground. It also lacks locks, thus unlike Thule Gateway, you will need to purchase them individually.



Easy to use


Frame adaptor required for some bikes

Find other economical racks in our detailed review of the cost of bike racks.

Seasucker Mini Bomber

If you are in search of a Toyota Sienna bike rack, roof-mounted Seasucker cups would be a great choice. This rack works simply by attaching the suction cups over a flat surface such as the roof or trunk. But, be sure that you are okay with taking off your bike’s front wheel before purchasing the rack.

A common problem with such suction cup-based racks is that you never know when the grip is loose from the surface of the car. But Seasucker Mini Bomber has specific buttons that indicate proper mounting. You can install 2 or 3 of these racks on your Toyota Sienna to carry multiple bikes. 


Easy installation of rack

Buttons indicate secure mounting



Requires removal of front wheel

If your Toyota Sienna has factory-installed roof rails, you can also get the bike racks that install over the roof rails. You can find fork-mount or wheel-mount upright roof racks from our detailed review on Thule roof bike racks.

How To Buy the Best Bike Rack for Toyota Sienna?

To buy the best bike rack for Toyota Sienna, first, you have to decide on the type of rack. You can do this by considering different factors such as the presence of a hitch trailer or roof rails. Then you should pick the racks that can carry your bikes and buy a rack that suits your budget.

Decide the Type of Toyota Sienna Bike Rack

There are three main types of bike racks that are compatible with Toyota Sienna i.e., roof, trunk, and hitch mount racks. But you have to decide the type that most suits you as each has its pros and cons.

Trunk bike racks are generally more economical than the roof and hitch bike racks. Also, they do not require a trailer hitch or roof rails, or crossbars for installation on the car. So you just have to pick the trunk racks that are compatible with your Sienna. These racks usually ack locking features, can carry light bikes only, and increase the length of the car. 

The Toyota Sienna is a minivan that is already 204 inches long. So if you add a trunk bike rack, the length would further increase. Thus, before you purchase the rack make sure you are comfortable driving and parking with the increased car length.

Hitch bike racks are also mounted on the rear of the car so they also have a similar issue with length. Moreover, Toyota Sienna does not come with factory installed trailer hitch. So first you will have to buy and install a trailer hitch on your Sienna and then purchase a hitch bike rack. 

Other than that, hitch racks offer a number of benefits that trunk racks lack. They have a high weight carrying capacity which makes them suitable for heavy bikes. They also allow the users to open the car trunk or hatch without removing the rack or bikes (in some cases). And most of all, they are secure because locks for bikes and the rack are usually integrated.

Roof bike racks are also compatible with Toyota Sienna. These racks are either installed by suction cups or by roof rails on the car roof. The latest Sienna models offer optional roof rails so if you have them, you can invest in a good roof rack. It will keep your bikes secure and you can easily access the rear of the car.

However, Sienna models are already 68.5 inches high, and adding a bike rack along with a bike would increase the overall height of the vehicle which might cause issues while driving through low clearance areas. 

Pick the Racks That Suit Your Biking Requirements

Bike racks have different capacities, for example, there are bike racks that carry only one bike, and there are also some bike racks that carry 6 or 7 bikes. So you have to choose a rack that is able to carry all the bikes that you want to be transported from one point to the other. 

Moreover, the rack should be compatible with the bike(s) you own. There are different types of bikes out there such as mountain bikes, fat bikes, e-bikes, suspension crown bikes, kids bikes, etc. Before you purchase a rack, check the specs such as load capacity, ground clearance, acceptable wheelbase, and tire size. This will give you an idea of the compatible bikes.

Select the Best Toyota Sienna Bike Rack for Your Budget

Choose a rack that fits your budget as a last step. If you have a large budget, it is best to spend it on a quality rack that is robust and will endure for many years. There are some affordable solutions on the market, nevertheless, if you don’t want to pay a lot. These racks often don’t have many high-end features, but they do offer the required elements needed for the job.


After reading the reviews of the top 5 Toyota Sienna bike racks, you can pick a bike rack that best works with your bikes. The buying guide would further simplify the decision-making process by discussing important factors that must be considered before buying a bike rack for Toyota Sienna.

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