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Looking for a way to store your bikes with no space? Ceiling bike racks can be helpful since they do not take up floor space. Unlike floor and wall-mounted bike racks, these racks take up space that is otherwise useless. 

You can carry many different bikes and these racks are available for single bikes as well as for multiple bikes with varying geometries. These versatile racks have other benefits as well but that does not assure that every rack would be suitable for you. 

Ceiling bike racks are either built as bike hoists or hooks. You might want one that holds multiple bikes such as the Saris Cycle Glide, or one that does not involve lifting bikes such as the Garage Gator. Or you might be looking for economical bike racks such as Impresa Bike Hooks. Thus, every user has different requirements and we are here to help you find the best ceiling mount rack for your specific requirements.

In this article, we will discuss the benefits and demerits of getting a ceiling mount rack, how they compare to wall-mount bike racks, and a complete buying guide with all the essential considerations. We have also shortlisted the top ceiling racks in the market to save you the time of research. 

Bike rackBest FeaturesHow are bikes loaded?
Saris Cycle Glide Most flexible ceiling multi-bike rack Wheels 
Bike Hanger Hoist Pulley Simplest and most secure bike rack Seat and handlebars
Impresa Bike HooksMost economical ceiling rackWheels 
Garage Gator Motorized Bike LiftNo need to lift bikes for loading and unloadingSeat 

Pros and Cons of ceiling-mount bike racks

Ceiling mount racks for bikes are suitable for some and difficult to manage for others because they have certain pros and cons as mentioned below.

Pros of ceiling bike rack

  • Bikes do not take up any space on the floor or walls
  • Quick loading and unloading of bikes
  • No frame contact
  • Hook models fit any bike size and geometry 
  • Simple and effective

Cons of ceiling bike rack

  • Difficulty accessing the bikes for kids or short-height individuals
  • Lifting or taking off heavy bikes can be difficult
  • Requires drilling in ceiling
  • If installed on lower ceilings you might bump your head once in a while 

Buyer guide for ceiling bike rack for garage 

Before picking a rack for the ceiling of your garage, it is better to consider the following things.

How Many Bikes Do You Have?

Ceiling mount racks have varying bike capacities. Some can hold a single bike while others may carry up to 8 bikes so you should look for racks that accommodate all your bikes for the perfect storage solution. 

What Types of Bikes Do You Have?

Ceiling-mount racks usually carry most bike types and the only limitation is the weight-carrying capacity. But some racks carry up to 100 lbs which is more than enough for a bike. Also, most people are not comfortable inverting their hydraulic brake bikes. In that case, you should look for bike racks that keep your bikes upright. Such racks hold the bikes through seat posts or handlebars. 

Storage Location

If you are looking for a ceiling rack, you might not have enough space on the floor or walls of your garage. But it is better to weigh the pros and cons of each mounting style in order to find the best bike rack for your garage. 

How much do ceiling racks for bikes cost?

The cost of these racks varies according to the value they offer. Some bike racks are simple hooks that hold bikes through the wheels. These come at less than $20 and include more than one set. On the other hand, some ceiling bike racks might cost you around $250-$350 because of high bike capacity, and other features like sliding rails or security locks, or motorized control of the lift bar. 

Comparing ceiling-mount racks to wall-mount garage bike racks 

Ceiling-mount bike racksWall-mount bike racks
You can use the wall space for other purposesWall space is booked for bikes
Taking off heavier bikes can be trickyEasier access to bikes
Installation of a rack on the ceiling is difficultInstallation is easier
Only suitable for adults Adults and kids can load and unload bikes

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Top 5 best garage ceiling racks for your bikes 

Saris Cycle Glide

If you own multiple bikes say up to 4, and all of them have different frames, Saris Cycle glide is, without doubt, the best ceiling bike rack for you. You can accommodate 2 more bikes if you get the add-on kit and carry a total of 6 bikes on the ceiling of your garage and easily use the floor space by parking a car or storing other stuff. 

The best feature of this cycle glide is its flexibility. It has two hooks for each bike, and these hooks slide on the cross rail. This would allow you to load bikes with wheelbases up to 56”. But you have to make sure that the tire width is not greater than 2.5” and each bike does not weigh more than 50 pounds. Apart from that, the cross bars also slide on the main bars which would let you move the position of the bikes to easily accommodate them without any frame contact. So if you have a car parked below the rack, you can slide a crossbar to one end, and take off the bike without coming in contact with the car. 

We believe that Saris Cycle Glide tops other racks in terms of convenience and ease of use. However, that rack costs more than most bike ceiling racks in the market. You can get it at around $255 and if you want to accommodate 6 bikes you can separately buy the two-bike add-on at around $100. Considering the convenience, this rack has a high value for money and is totally worth the cost. 

Saris Cycle Glide
Saris Cycle Glide

The rack is also listed in our selection of the best bike racks for garage

Bike Hanger Hoist Pulley

The bike hanger from Rad Cycle is another great way to store bikes on the ceiling. Although Saris Cycle Glide has all the important features required in a ceiling rack for holding bikes, if you do not own multiple bikes and want an economical option, you should get the bike hanger. It would cost you only around $17 so we recommend it if you own 1 or 2 bikes. 

Also, most ceiling bike racks hold the bikes in an inverted orientation, and bike owners especially those who own bikes with hydraulic brakes do not prefer inverting their bikes. If you are also one of them, you should go for this bike hanger because it would keep your bike upright. It has two clamps that grip the bike through the handlebar and seat. 

The installation of these hoist pulleys requires a bit of attention because they are installed according to the wheelbase of the bike. And just like Cycle Glide, you can store anything under the loaded bikes as long as you have a high ceiling such as 12 ft. You can lift the bikes as high as you want just make sure that the handlebar and bike seat do not hit the ceiling. 

We like Bike Hanger because it has a locking feature that prevents accidental release of the bike. Thus you can trust it for your valuable bikes. This rack also has a high load-carrying capacity of up to 100 lbs thanks to the thick and durable ropes used. 

Bike Hanger Hoist Pulley
Bike Hanger Hoist Pulley

Impresa Bike Hooks

The Impresa bike hooks serve as the simplest ceiling mount racks and are remarkably affordable. These hooks come in a pack of 4, meaning you can load 2 bikes for only $16. These are so economical as compared to other racks that you can buy more of them for accommodating multiple bikes. And even at a low price, they are a safe way to carry bikes close to the ceiling. 

The hooks have to be screwed into the joists or rafters of the ceiling. The hooks themselves are not very long so you can take an idea of how low would your bikes be. Each hook is 7” in length and around 2-3” goes inside the ceiling after screwing. So, you should take the height of your bike, add 5”, and would give you an estimate of how much space would be available under the rack. 

The impresa bike hooks carry the bikes in an inverted orientation and the hooks are well built for carrying heavy bikes up to 100 lbs. This ceiling bike rack is made up of galvanized steel but the lower part of the hooks are coated with a non-slip padding material to prevent scratches on the wheel rim. Although some people complain that this material wears out after some time, you should not worry because it holds the bikes through the wheel and not the frame itself. Also, these are wide enough for easier loading of bikes. 

Impresa Bike Hooks
Impresa Bike Hooks

Garage Gator Motorized Bike Lift

Garage Gator is another ceiling rack that has a high bike-carrying capacity. It can hold 8 bikes while keeping them in an upright position. The most unique feature of this rack is the motorized control for loading and unloading bikes. This rack has a lift bar that can be lowered simply by pressing a button. This lift bar has hooks that hold the bikes through the seats. Once you have secured your bikes on the hooks, you can press the button and the rack will lift the bikes upwards. 

This design has a great benefit that you will not have to lift the bikes or get a ladder for loading them. But since it holds bikes through the seats, we recommend tightening of seats and posts before lifting the bar otherwise, if the seat gets loose, you might end up damaging your bike. Also, some people complain that because there is only one hook per bike, the front part of the bike lowers and does not leave much space for parking a car below. 

Other than that, this rack is the easiest to load bikes, and not just that, it is also the most secure in terms of bike safety because of the keyed controller. Without the key, the buttons will be locked so you can prevent any unwanted access to your bikes. You can get this rack at around $350 which is not expensive if you own 8 bikes. It will carry a weight of 220 lbs and works best for ceilings that are 8-12 ft. high. 

Garage Gator
Garage Gator

FAQs about ceiling bike racks

How to build a ceiling bike rack?

The easiest way to build a ceiling mount rack is to get hooks and drill them into the ceiling. It would be better to fix two hooks for each bike, one for holding each wheel, and that is how you can easily create a bike rack for your garage ceiling. 

How to install a bike rack on the ceiling?

That depends on the type of ceiling rack for bikes. Most of these racks are installed into ceiling joists and rafters. The hook-style racks have to be screwed in while the ones with panels or bars will have to be drilled into the ceiling. 

How to mount a ceiling bike rack?

Mounting ceiling mount bike racks are not as simple as wall or floor-mounted racks. You will require a ladder for this purpose, locate the ceiling rafters, get a drill and protective wear, and fix the rack on the ceiling. 

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