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The Swagman pickup fork mount bike rack is made for truck beds. It is a fork-mount bike rack that is compatible with quick-release bikes. This pickup rack can be adjusted for different truck beds and presents a secure way to carry two bikes inside the truck bed.

This article provides the details regarding the Swagman bike rack so you can easily decide whether it is suitable for you or not. We have also rated the different aspects, by using the Rack score, for your convenience. 
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Swagman pickup fork mount bike rack

Swagman Pickup Fork Mount

Fork Mount Bike Rack

  • Maximum Bikes: 2
  • Rack weight: 13.5 (lb)
  • Hitchless
  • Price: $105
  • Material: Stainless Steel

Pros of Swagman Fork

  • Adjustable bar expanding up to 62lb
  • Easy to install
  • Bikes are secured
  • High compatibility with pickup trucks
  • The fork bars can be spaced according to the bikes
  • Works with bed liners
  • The rack can be locked to the truck
  • Sturdy
  • Works with most drop-out tire bikes
  • Rubber pads to prevent scratching the paint
  • Hitch-less
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Cons of Swagman Fork

  • Doesn’t lock very well
  • Adapter required for thru-axle forks
  • Steel structures can rust with time
  • Might require drilling the bed liner 

The Rack Score

We understand how choosing the right bike rack can be grinding. This requires analyzing the various aspects of racks and seeing if they will suit your vehicle and bike(s). To save you from trouble, we have devised a rating system to evaluate the different qualities of bike racks. 

We have done the research to save you time and have scored the features, security, aesthetics, compatibility, and price on a scale of 10. After the complete analysis, we give the Swagman pickup fork mount bike rack an overall R score of 7.85. You can read the rest of the article for the score breakdown.  

Features of the Swagman Pickup Fork Mount Rack

This fork-mount bike rack weighs up to 13.5 pounds and is adjustable. The main bar, as shown in the picture below, is telescoping and can be extended according to the width of the truck bed. You can install this rack on mid-size as well as full-size trucks. 

Swagman bicycle carriers pick up adjustable truck bed bike rack

This pickup rack is made for people who are comfortable removing the front tire of their bike. You can carry up to two bikes on this rack. First, you remove the front tire and slide the fork into the mounting block. Once the fork is in the block, you can rotate the 9mm quick-release skewers and fix the bike. 

Swagman pick-up truck-bed-mounted bike rack

You can also move and adjust the mounting blocks to space them apart. The Swagman pickup fork mount bike rack rests on the side rails of the truck bed with the help of rubber pads. This soft padding as shown below saves the truck from scratches and abrasions.

Rubber pads

It accommodates 2 bikes with a maximum weight of 45lb each. You can add a spare mounting block if you want to hold more bikes for example the fork mount Delta bike rack. These fork mounts can also be moved and positioned so that the bikes are far apart and do not come in contact with each other. 

There is a built-in locking system to secure the fork mount rack on the truck. This is a high-quality product with a sturdy build. But since it is made of stainless steel instead of aluminum, it is not very durable. Also, some people complain that although the rack is heavy, you might need to drill holes in the side rails.

A good thing about it is that you can use it even if you have bed liners. Be it plastic rail bed liners or sprayed-on bed liners, the pickup rack works just fine. You can also use it if the tonneau cover is open but the rack should be removed if you have to cover your truck bed. (R score 8)

Swagman pickup bike rack
TypeTruck Bed Bike Rack 
Sub-TypeFork mount
Maximum Bikes2
Rack lock Yes
Bike lock No
Bike rack weight 13.5 lb
Load Capacity 35 Ib per bike
Hitch requiredNo Hitch 
Customer Satisfaction86%
Rack Score (Overall)7.85

Brand value for swagman® – pick up truck bed bike rack

Swagman originated in Penticton, British Columbia, Canada. Since then, the company has flourished by producing a wide variety of gear to make traveling easier for its customers. Swagman is the pioneer of hitch bike racks and has developed multiple designs over the years. Not only this, the company has produced RV-compatible bike racks, hitch-mount, and roof racks. For the brand value, this bike rack gets an R score of 8. 

Are the Customers Satisfied with Swagman Pickup Fork Mount Rack?

We believe that customer satisfaction is essential when rating a bike rack because only the users give the most authentic feedback. They speak from their experience and if you are going to buy one, you should consider the rating of the product. Swagman pickup fork mount bike rack has 4.5 stars out of 5 with 602 global ratings. this bike rack is among Amazon’s choices with customer satisfaction up to 86%. (R score 8) 

What do happy customers like about the Swagman rack?

This pickup rack is loved by most customers because it fits their truck models even though they did not expect it. They have also praised it for the easy installation procedure since it saves a lot of time as compared to other racks. Other than that, customers like that it is sturdy, adjustable, and does not take up much room. 

Why are unhappy customers not satisfied with the Swagman truck rack?

The unhappy customers of Swagman rack usually complain that the locking system is not good. You might have to drill bigger holes for the locking system to work. But for that, you will need a drill machine and other tools which is uncomfortable for some users. 

Is Swagman Pickup Fork Mount Rack Secure?

The security mechanism of the bike rack and bikes is a vital attribute that must be considered when buying a bike rack. While you are traveling, you might need to stop at multiple locations. So you should be able to leave your truck unattended for a while.

The Swagman pickup fork mount bike rack has a lock and key so it can be locked to the truck. Although it can be pulled from the bed, but cannot be moved without the key. So, for stealing, the rack or something else must be broken.

However, there is no locking system for the bikes. You will have to run a cable through the bike frame and then fasten it across a tie-down point in the truck bed.  For these security features, we give it an R score of 7. 

Aesthetics of Swagman Pickup Fork Mount Rack

‎Apart from the features, the aesthetics of a bike rack are also indispensable. The Swagman rack rests on the side rails of the truck which means that the length of the vehicle is not extended. This gives a good overall look to the vehicle and bikes. The bike rack is made up of steel which might rust over time as compared to other aluminum bike racks. Due to this, the aesthetics get an R score of 9. 

Is Swagman Pickup Fork Mount Rack Worth the Price?

ideal bike rack should provide value according to how much you pay for it. The Swagman bike rack costs less than $100. It accommodates only two bikes and each cost nearly $50.

Although the Swagman truck pick up fork mount bike rack has some very good attributes it does not accommodate thru-axle bikes without the thru-axle adaptor. This means that you will have to pay an additional price for it. Similarly, if you want to accommodate more than two bikes, you will have to buy a spare mount block.

Tailgate pads such as demon tailgate pads are comparatively economical if you want to carry multiple bikes. But if for some reason they do not suit your requirement, you should go for the Swagman bike rack for trucks. For the value of money, we give it an R score of 7. 

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Capacity and Compatibility of Swagman Pickup Fork Mount Rack

Swagman pickup fork mount bike rack has a capacity for accommodating two bikes because of the two fork blocks. But you can accommodate more bikes by buying the spare mount block from Swagman. 

The bike rack has high compatibility with pickup trucks because it is adjustable. The main bar can be extended up to 62 inches. This means that you can use it for all the trucks that are 62 inches wide or less. 

Before you purchase this bike rack, make sure that the size of the truck bed and wheel-base length of your bike(s) is well suited. Otherwise, you will not be able to close the tailgate. Among the many, some of the compatible trucks include various models of,

  • Honda Ridgeline
  • Ford F-150
  • Tacoma 
  • Chevy trucks including Colorado
  • Tundra 
  • Silverado
  • Nissan Titan 

Swagman pickup truck bike rack 64702 is also compatible with most bikes but they should be quick-release or the drop-out tire. The fork mount blocks are only made to hold quick-release skewers. But if you want to use it for a thru-axle bike, you can either buy a different rack or get a Spare Thru Axle adaptor along with this pickup fork mount bike rack.

Also, if you own a fat tire bike, you might not be able to accommodate the fork on the mount. In this case, you can get mounts that are made specifically for fat tire forks. They can be easily replaced with regular mounts on the main bar. We give an R score of 8 for capacity and compatibility. 

Conclusion for the swagman pick-up truck-bed-bike rack

If you do not want to get a tailgate pad for your truck and a fork mount bike rack suits you, then the Swagman pickup fork mount bike rack would be a perfect fit. You can easily carry two bikes or more (if you get a spare mount) and travel across rough roads without worrying about the movement of bikes. 

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