Bike Rack for Hyundai Tucson 2023: Top 7 Bike Rack Reviews

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Are you having difficulty finding the right bike rack for Hyundai Tucson? Most guides suggest bike racks but they are not specific to the car you own. So after reviewing multiple racks we have been able to put up this article to help you select bike racks for Hyundai Tucson. If you are in a hurry you can go through the top 7 racks that we have shortlisted for Tucson. And for a detailed and clearer understanding, you can read the buyer’s guide.  

Bike rackBest for?
Saris Bones EXOverall Best Trunk-Mount Rack
Allen Sports Deluxe Most Economical Trunk Rack
Kuat SherpaPopular Hitch Bike Rack
Thule XTRHitch Rack for E-bikes
Allen Sports Deluxe Hitch Economical Hitch Bike Rack
Thule ProrideBest Roof Mount Bike Carrier
RockBros Suction Bike Rack for Tucson
Bike Rack Recommendations for Hyundai Tucson

Top 7 Bike Racks for Hyundai Tucson

After analyzing the compatibility of the Hyundai Tucson with various racks, customer reviews, prices, and features, we have selected the following racks to meet the requirements of different Tucson owners. 

Saris Bones EX – Best Trunk Hyundai Tucson Bike Rack

If you want to invest in a quality rack, you can buy Saris Bones EX for 2 or 3 bikes. This rack is the best option if you do not want to get a roof rack or if you do not want to buy a trailer hitch for your Tucson. It has a unique robust structure made of plastic and steel that would last for a long time.

Saris Bones has an exquisite design that not only looks great but is also quite useful. The arms on this rack are arc-shaped which separates the bikes on different levels. These arms also offer better ground clearance by raising the bikes to an appropriate height. So, if you have different size bikes, you can arrange them according to their sizes to maintain proper ground clearance.

The straps on this rack are durable. We love how the arms fold and make the rack so compact that you can leave it on the car even when not loaded with bikes. Some users complain that adjusting bikes on the rack is not as comfortable as expected but other than that it is the best trunk rack that we have reviewed so far.

Saris Bones EX
Saris Bones EX

Allen Sports Deluxe – Most Economical Hyundai Tucson Trunk Rack

The Deluxe trunk rack from Allen Sports is another confirmed fit for Tucson. This rack is made to carry 2 to 4 bikes. The most prominent attribute is the price. Allen Sports is known to make the most budget-friendly bike racks while maintaining good quality. 

This rack is not for people who are looking for a premium high-end  Hyundai Tucson bike rack. But it is made for families who are looking for a durable economical rack for multiple bikes. The rack is made of steel but is still lightweight. 

The best thing is that this rack sets up quickly and has a very easy installation procedure. You just have to strap it up to the car, secure the bikes, and you are good to go. This rack has additional straps for lateral stability and is padded to prevent scratches on the car. But your bikes may wobble on slightly uneven paths or when turning. 

Allen Sports Deluxe
Allen Sports Deluxe

Find out about other trunk bike racks compatible with Tucson.

Kuat Sherpa – Popular Hitch Bike Rack Hyundai Tucson

If you want to spend on a quality bike rack once and use it for a long time, we recommend the Kuat Sherpa bike rack for Hyundai Tucson. This rack is everything you need to ensure a comfortable trip along with your bikes. This rack has a minimalist design yet has all the high-end features you could imagine. 

It is one of the lightest platform hitch mount racks because it is made of aluminum. This makes it easier to set up and install on the Hyundai Tucson. It also comes with a detailed guide that is quite helpful in setting it up. Although it is lightweight, you will find it sturdy and durable. 

With Sherpa, you can enjoy the integrated locking system, folding compact design when bikes are not loaded, and trunk access thanks to the Foot Assisted Pivot System. The cherry on top, this rack looks quite elegant and is available in different metallic colors. 

This premium rack is recommended for people who are looking for comfort. You will have to buy the rack as well as the hitch so the whole cost can be somewhere around $900 to $1000. But considering the features, the rack is totally worth it. 

Kuat Sherpa
Kuat Sherpa

Thule XTR– Tucson Hitch Rack for E-bikes

Sherpa has many useful features but for some users, Thule T2 XTR works better. Firstly when we compared the ratchet on these racks, Thule scored higher. Secondly, Kuat has a weight-carrying limit of 40 pounds per bike whereas, Thule XTR has a load capacity of 60 pounds per bike. 

This makes it suitable for heavier bikes such as e-bikes. Another great feature is that the rack has wheel-holding trays that are made for tires that are up to 5 inches wide. This means you can also carry most fat tire bikes on this rack. You can also use it for your carbon frames since there is no frame contact.  

We also love the security provided by this rack and the tilt-away feature that would let you access the trunk of your Tucson. Thule claims that you can tilt this rack even when bikes are loaded but if your bikes are heavier, you might not be able to tilt the rack without help. 

This rack is among the highest scoring in our comparison review of bike racks. It is primarily made for 2 bikes but you can get the add-on and extend the capacity to 4 bikes. Overall, it is a premium-quality rack with the utmost convenience for users. 

Thule XTR
Thule XTR

Read about other E-bike hitch racks that are compatible with Hyundai Tucson.

Allen Sports Deluxe Hitch Bike Rack

The above-mentioned racks are built in good quality and have some classy features but if you do not want to spend hundreds of dollars on a bike rack for Hyundai Tucson, you can get the hitch mount Deluxe bike rack from Allen Sports.

This rack has a higher bike carrying capacity because it is available in 2, 3, 4, and 5 bike versions. And even the 5-bike version costs less than $200. This makes it one of the cheapest hitch racks for bikes but it still offers all the essential features that a hanging bike rack should have. 

It is made of steel but still weighs less than the other two hitch racks mentioned above. This makes it easier to install but it feels like a cheaper build when you compare it with Sherpa or Thule XTR. The bikes also swing if they are not tied properly. 

However, it tilts, has folding arms, and its assembly is simpler than the other two hitch racks. So, considering the price, you cannot complain much. You can get a 1 ¼ inch hitch receiver for the 2 and 3-bike models or you can get a 2-inch hitch that works for all models. 

Allen Sports Deluxe Hitch
Allen Sports Deluxe Hitch

Thule Proride – Best Roof Mount Bike Carrier for Tucson

You can also go for a roof mount rack for Hyundai Tucson and Proride by Thule is the best option if you own a single bike. You can also buy two of these racks and install both on the roof rails to carry two bikes. 

This rack requires you to buy roof rails first which can add to the cost. But we like this rack for a number of reasons. It keeps the bike upright without having to remove the front wheel. You can carry any bike if it weighs 44 pounds or less and the best part is that you can mount the bike easily as compared to other roof bike racks. 

It has a sophisticated system that automatically adjusts the bike to the correct position without any trouble. We also like the wheel holders because they hold the bike firmly so there is minimum wobble. 

If your Tucson has factory-installed roof rails then the installation would be a breeze. Otherwise, you will have to spend extra money to purchase and install the roof rails. Also, for the price, we believe that the rack should have locks included but Thule sells them separately.  

Thule Proride
Thule Proride

RockBros Suction Bike Rack

If you are looking for a Hyundai Tucson bike rack that fits on the roof but does not require roof rails, you can get the Rockbros bike rack. This rack does not require roof rails because it has suction cups. It is available for 1, 2, and 3 bikes which means it has a higher bike carrying capacity than Proride. 

You can use it for mountain bikes or road bikes weighing 44 pounds or less. Most users like that the bikes do not wobble or sway on this rack but the manufacturers still recommend that you drive slowly on bumpy roads or while turning. You should also check the white lines on the rack before you start driving. 

Overall, the rack is easy to install, lightweight, and portable. It has good suction power that keeps it firm without damaging the car paint. But you will have to remove the front wheels on your bikes to load them. 

RockBros Suction Bike Rack
RockBros Suction Bike Rack

How To Buy a Bike Rack for Hyundai Tucson?

We understand that all users have different expectations and requirements for bike racks. So if you did not find a suitable bike rack for your Tucson from the section above, you can follow the steps below to find other racks that meet your specific requirements. 

Step 1: Check Rack Compatibility With Hyundai Tucson

The first step is accessing whether the rack you are looking for, fits on Hyundai Tucson. You can check the compatibility by checking the manufacturer’s site. Most manufacturers have a fit guide that might be helpful otherwise you can contact the manufacturers and most of the time they guide customers. 

Other than that, there are a few compatibility checks that you need to consider before buying a bike rack. For rear bike racks, you should check how much length the rack and bikes would add to the car and how it affects driving. In this case, the Hyundai Tucson is around 177 inches long. So check the possible increase in length due to the rear bike rack and make sure that you will be comfortable driving the car after that. 

In the case of a hitch bike rack, you need to check the towing capacity of the vehicle. This is important because the towing capacity will tell you whether the car is able to tow the weight of the hitch rack and bikes combined. Most models of Tucson have a towing capacity of 2000 lbs. This makes it suitable for carrying bikes on a hitch rack. 

Lastly, if you are considering a roof bike rack, you should check the height of the vehicle. If your vehicle is already heightened, adding a roof bike rack and mounting the bike(s) on the top would create overhead clearance issues for you. Tucson is almost 65 inches in height. You can check with the local laws and the places you usually visit with bikes. This will give you an idea about the overhead clearance checks. 

Step 2: Know How To Install the Bike Rack

Before you purchase the bike rack, learn how it is installed on Tucson and see if you need additional parts for that. For example, all hitch bike racks require the installation of a trailer hitch on cars. Hyundai Tucson does not come with factory installed hitch trailer so you will have to buy it separately and get it installed on the vehicle before you can put it on the rack.

Hyundai has an OEM hitch for Tucson that has a 1 ¼ inch receiver. But if the bike rack requires a 2-inch receiver, you can go for the Class 3 hitch from Curt made for Tucson. Roof bike racks require roof rails or crossbars. Some vehicles have factory-installed roof rails like Tucson so you just have to purchase the roof bike rack and install it on the rails. 

Trunk bike racks are the easiest to install. They have a strap mounting system that does not require any add-ons and can be installed easily and quickly. Read our detailed guide on how to install bike racks on SUVs.

Step 3: Consider the Number and Type of Bikes

Bike racks are available with different bike capacities. This means that you can find a rack for a single bike and you can also find a rack that carries 6 bikes. So you can buy the rack according to the number of bikes you own or the number of bikes you want to carry along when you travel. 

The bike rack for Hyundai Tucson should also be compatible with the bikes you own. For example, if you own a fat tire bike, make sure the rack is able to safely carry fat bikes. Similarly, there are racks for e-bikes, suspension bikes, kids’ bikes, and others. 

Step 4: Decide the Type of Rack

Tucson is an SUV and like other SUVs, trunk, roof, and hitch racks are the most suitable for it. This SUV does not have a spare tire mounted on the rear so you should not consider spare tire mount bike racks. 

Trunk bike racks are the most economical and easiest to use. These racks have simple installation procedures and compact foldable designs. These racks usually hang the bikes through their top tubes. So for some bikes with unusual top tubes, you will have to buy top tube adapters. Also, these bikes usually lack locks and are suitable for 1-4 lightweight bikes.

Hitch bike racks attach to the hitch receiver on the trailer hitch. These racks are either hanging or platform style. There are many platform-style racks that do not make frame contact. This makes them suitable for carbon frames and other valuable bikes. They also have high load-carrying capacities so you can load heavy bikes such as e-bikes. Hitch racks are available for 1-6 bikes. 

Roof bike racks usually carry 1-2 bikes. These racks are either installed over the roof rails or have suction cups that help them attach to the roof of the car. These racks allow complete access to the hatch or trunk of the car but require you to lift the bikes. 

Step 5: How Much Do You Want To Spend?

The last step is to decide how much you want to spend on a bike rack. You can get premium high-quality products for $600 to $800 or you can get a cheaper quality rack such as Allen Sports trunk rack for under $100. The two-bike version of the Allen Sports trunk rack costs around $50 so the cost depends on the brand and capacity of the rack. 

Generally, trunk racks are cheaper than hitch and roof racks for bikes. You can also save your money as you will not have to buy a trailer hitch or roof rails for a trunk bike rack. However, if you are looking for a high-end rack that does not come in contact with your bikes, you can invest in a good hitch bike rack.

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