6 Bike Rack for Minivan: Top Picks and Buying Guide

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If you are searching for a 6 bike rack for minivans, consider hitch mount bike racks. Most 6-bike racks are hitch mounts because trunk and roof mount racks cannot carry the weight of 6 bikes. You will find these racks in vertical hanging style. 

In this article, you will find the top 5 racks for minivans that are made to carry up to 6 bikes. You can select from these racks based on your specific requirements which are also discussed in the buyer’s guide. 

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Our Top Picks for 6 Bike Rack for Minivans

Yakima Hangover

Yakima Hangover is the most economical choice if you are looking for a 6-bike rack. This rack can be bought for around $800 and has some very useful features for example the foot-operated tilting mechanism, different height positions, and hitch lock. 

We like that you can manage the ground clearance and the height of the bikes. But it is still more suitable for taller people that have the strength to load and unload heavy bikes. You can use this rack for almost all bike sizes and types such as kids’ bikes, adult mountain, or fat tire bikes. However, they must have suspension forks because the rack does not work with rigid fork bikes. 

A good thing is that you can load different types and sizes of bikes all together and they will not come in contact with each other. This is because it locks the bikes from around the crown of the top fork and the lower wheel is also held through a ratcheting system. 

Some users also say that this rack is not made for slim forks so it needs to be large and the rubber straps are not of good quality. Other than that, it is a reasonable rack that is suitable for strong users who have a 2-inch hitch receiver on their minivan. 

Yakima Hangover
Yakima Hangover

Yakima HangTight 

This vertical hitch bike rack is also from Yakima but it offers better compatibility with bikes as compared to the Hangover. Some of the features are similar such as tilt-away, bottle opener, and compatibility with a 2-inch hitch receiver. 

However, it does not limit its use to suspension fork bikes only. You can carry any bike with a wheelbase of up to 50 inches and 20 to 29 inches tires. This makes it ideal for kids and adult bikes such as MTBs, fat bikes, and road bikes but it carries a load of 37.5 pounds per bike.

This rack also provides security features such as an SKS lock that comes with the rack. You can use it to secure the rack on your minivan. Moreover, it has loops if you want to add your own bike lock. So if you do not own a suspension fork bike, you can get HangTight instead of Hangover. It would cost around $1100. 

Yakima HangTight 
Yakima HangTight 

Velocirax Hitch Rack 

This 6 bike rack for minivan has some advanced features. Firstly it allows you to load and unload the bikes without picking heavy loads. So even kids can load their bikes by rolling them in the rack. The bikes are loaded at a safe distance from each other which prevents them from coming into contact. 

This rack also comes with a kit that allows you to install it on the wall of your garage. This allows for a nice storage way to keep the rack and bikes safe and organized. The rack has hydraulic dampers that allow it to lower smoothly to load bikes. 

Moreover, the Velocirax vertical rack works for most types and sizes of bikes that weigh under 55 pounds. So if your e-bikes lie in the range, they can also be carried on this rack but it is advised to remove the batteries beforehand. 

So if you are planning to buy it for your minivan, you will love that comes with all the tools that are required for its assembly. You can buy it for around $910 if your minivan has a class 3 hitch trailer with a 2-inch receiver. 

Velocirax Hitch Rack
Velocirax Hitch Rack

Lolo 6 Bike Rack

Another 6-bike rack for minivans. Lolo bike rack is manufactured with good quality metal that ensures its strength and durability. This rack is made for all the different bike types such as fat bikes, MTBs, BMX, and kids bikes.

You can get it after you install a trailer hitch with the 2-inch receiver on your minivan. We like that it comes with hitch bolts. This provides a secure experience even if you have to leave the minivan for a while. 

This rack also tilts away but the great part is that you can tilt it with the bikes loaded. Unlike other vertical racks, this one leans towards the car, provides good ground clearance, and prevents sway. Overall it is a good rack at a good price of $900. 

Lolo 6 Bike Rack
Lolo 6 Bike Rack

Recon Rack

If you have to travel on rugged terrain or you are planning an off-road adventure, we recommend the Recon 6-bike rack. This rack is more expensive than other racks mentioned in this review. You can get it for around $1400 and carry your bikes. 

This rack has a load-carrying capacity of 45 pounds per bike and it has wheel baskets that hold the front wheel of bikes. These wheel holders are available in three different sizes for different users i.e, standard, fat bike, and kids’ bike. These wheel baskets make no frame contact with the bikes.  

We like the rack because it has high compatibility with bikes. You can use it for suspension as well as rigid fork bikes. It also comes with an anti-wobble and locking hitch pin that keeps the rack safe and stable. You can adjust the rack according to your height and required ground clearance. 

Recon Rack
Recon Rack

Buyers Guide for Selecting the Best 6-Bike Rack for Minivans

There are some factors that can help you land your best rack. These factors should be considered before buying a rack for the minivan and can vary for each user.

How Frequently Do You Use the Bike Rack?

Depending on how often you plan on carrying your bikes on the minivan, you can select a rack with a suitable quality and installation procedure. Some racks are simple to install while others have a bit tricky procedure to put on the car. 

So if you are planning to carry the bikes often, you will need to install the rack frequently. And the best choice will be a rack with easy and quick installation or a rack that can be left installed on the car even when not in use. 

Also, six bikes are heavy altogether and if you want a rack that lasts for a long time, you should invest in a durable and sturdy bike rack. 

Requirement of Rack and Bike Security

Ask yourself if you need to lock the bikes and the rack. You should if you have to leave them or if there is a chance of theft. There are bike racks for minivans with and without locking systems. So you should invest in one that meets your requirements. 

Cost You Are Willing To Pay

You can get a 6 bike rack for minivan in the price range of $800-$1400. So you can select a rack that meets your biking requirements, fits on your minivan, and comes within your budget. Find out the cost of different bike racks depending on their use and types.

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