Best bike racks for Toyota Camry 2023

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Best bike racks for Toyota Camry 2023
Best bike racks for Toyota Camry 2023

The 2023 Toyota Camry is an impressive sedan that can further be upgraded for the convenience of biking enthusiasts. So if you are looking for bike racks for Toyota Camry, you are at the right place. We recommend bike racks after carefully analyzing each vehicle, and examining its compatibility with different rack types. 

This article would highlight everything you need to know about bike racks for your Toyota Camry, what makes Camry compatible with each bike type, and how biking requirements shape up the bike rack buying decision. This guide to buying the best bike rack would lead you to 5 shortlisted racks and you can choose from them according to your biking requirements.

Bike racks for Toyota CamryBest because?Bike capacity
Saris Bones EXOverall best trunk bike rack 2,3
Allen Sports PremierMost economical bike rack for Toyota Camry2,3,4
Kuat SherpaPremium quality hitch bike rack2
Hollywood racks DestinationBest e-bike rack hitch mounted2,4
Thule ProRideBest roof bike rack for Toyota Camry1

Step-by-step guide for selecting the best bike racks for Toyota Camry

Before picking a bike rack it is essential to understand the car you own. Without that, you will not be able to figure out which racks would be compatible. Once you know the types of bike racks compatible with your car, you can pick out one that fulfills your requirements. In this section, you will go through some of the basic steps that can help you choose the perfect bike racks for your Toyota Camry. 

Step 1: Features of Toyota Camry that are important for bike rack selection

Toyota Camry is a sedan and like most sedans, it does not have a trailer hitch or roof rails. The 2023 model is built with an impressive design that is 192.1 inches long and has a height of 56.9 inches. The length of the car is vital in terms of the trunk or hitch mount rack options while the height of the vehicle has to do with roof mount racks. Also, this model does not have roof spoilers which is a good thing if you want to load your bikes on the trunk and there are optional rear spoilers which we do not recommend if you are planning for a trunk bike rack. This car has a towing ability of around 1000lbs which indicates that if you get the trailer hitch installed, it can carry the rack and bikes. All these features have a role in the selection of bike racks for the Toyota Camry. 

Step 2: Types of bike racks suitable for Toyota Camry

If you are searching for the best bike racks for the Toyota Camry, we suggest that you keep all options open and then explore all the compatible bike rack types. Let’s see how each bike rack type could be beneficial or impractical for your use. 

Trunk bike racks: Trunk bike racks are the best option for sedans. They do not require any additional parts for installation. They simply mount on the trunk through straps, are inexpensive, and can carry multiple bikes. However, these racks do not carry heavy bike(s), usually have frame contact, hinder access to the trunk, and increase the length of the vehicle which can cause difficulty for the driver. Yet you can choose from many trunk bike racks for Toyota Camry. 

Roof bike racks: Roof bike racks keep the bike(s) out of way and since Toyota Camry is not very heightened, you can manage the loading and unloading of the bike(s). These racks allow you to access the trunk, do not stretch the total length of the vehicle, and guard bikes. But you would need more strength for lifting a heavy bike, must be sure about overhead clearance, and a bike on top can cause pressure on the engine due to wind resistance. 

Also, you will need to buy roof rails separately to install a roof bike rack on Toyota Camry since it does not have factory-installed rails or crossbars. So if you plan on buying a roof mount rack, you should also be prepared for buying roof rails separately. Two suggestions are mentioned below, you can buy them after confirming the length of the rails if you are considering roof bike racks for your 2023 Camry. 

Roof Rails Price Buy
Universal Cross Rail Roof Rack$46Amazon 
OMAC Roof Rack Cross Bars$220Amazon 

Hitch bike racks: These racks are the most reliable for expensive bikes and are the most convenient in terms of loading and unloading the bikes. These racks allow the carrying of multiple heavy bikes including electric bikes, allow access to the trunk with tilting or swing away features, and platform hitch bike racks do not have frame contact. But these racks also increase the length of the vehicle like trunk bike racks, are expensive, and require a trailer hitch on the vehicle for installation. 

So, if the additional cost of a trailer hitch is not a problem, you can look for hitch bike racks to haul your valuable bikes safely on Toyota Camry. Any class 2 or 3 trailer hitch would work fine with it. Two suggestions are mentioned below.

Trailer hitchPrice Buy 
CURT 12107$156Amazon 
Draw-Tite 36643$212Amazon 

Spare tire racks: These racks are not compatible with Toyota Camry because it does not have a spare tire mounted at the back.

Step 3: Assess your biking requirements

Once you have decided on the bike rack type to go for, you can start looking for your required features in the racks. These include:

  • How many bikes do you have to load? How many bikes does the rack accommodate?
  • Would you leave the vehicle unattended? Does the rack have security features?
  • Do you need to access the trunk? Does the rack tilt or swing away?
  • Concerned about the protection of bike frames? Does the rack make frame contact?

Step 4: Select a rack from the available best bike racks for Toyota Camry

Saris Bones Ex: Toyota Camry Trunk rack

Saris Bones EX is the best trunk rack if you own 2 or 3 bikes. This rack is an upgrade from the Bones series because it has greater compatibility with vehicles. We suggest it as the best bike rack for Toyota Camry because of its easy installation, durability, and very lightweight.

It also protects the paint on the car because of the rubber feet and from an aesthetic point of view, it would look great on the back of your Camry. Other than that, we believe that the most essential feature is the presence of spring-loaded ratchet straps.

These straps hold it firmly against the trunk of the Toyota Camry and keep the rack stable throughout the road trip. You can get this rack at less than $220 if your bikes weigh 35 lbs or less. The only additional cost would be because of an adapter bar if your bike’s top tubes are not straight or because of a cable lock that you will have to purchase separately. But both of these products are cheap and would cost you less than $30.

Read the full review of Saris Bones EX bike rack

Allen Sports Premier trunk bike rack

  • Quickly sets up 
  • Folds and install easy 
  • Stable mount
  • No locks
  • Straps loosen with time 

If you are looking for economical bike racks for Toyota Camry, we suggest Allen Premier racks which are available for 2 to 4-bike capacities. The 2-bike version only costs around $100 which is quite inexpensive compared to other racks that offer the same features.

The premier trunk bike rack series is highly compatible with sedans such as Toyota Camry. A common problem with bike racks is the rattling and wobbling of bikes because of unstable mounting. 

However, Allen Sports Premier racks do not have this issue thanks to the wide feet and lateral straps that provide additional stability. But again, like Bones EX, you should only get this rack if your bikes weigh 35 lbs or less. You can also fold the whole structure when it is not being used, this saves up a lot of space. 

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Kuat Sherpa: The best Toyota Camry hitch rack

  • 2 Bike
  • Hitch
Kuat Sherpa 2.0 Best Hitch Bike Rack
Kuat Sherpa 2.0
  • Included security features
  • Best buyer feedback
  • Lightweight
  • Economical
  • Minimalist design
  • Sturdy and high quality
  • Carries only two bikes

Although Camry does not have a factory-installed trailer hitch, we recommend Kuat Sherpa as a great rack for Camry because of the convenience it offers to the users. This rack is among the top racks that we have reviewed so far so if you can buy a trailer hitch and install it to your car, and if the safety of bike frames is your priority, then Sherpa is the way to go.

It will carry two bikes each weighing up to 40lb which is heavier than the weight-carrying capacity of Bones EX and Premier racks. You can buy a 1 ½” or 2” trailer hitch for this rack since it works with both, but the rack can cost you from $580 to $630. However, if you are searching for a rack with security features, there’s no better option since Sherpa brings the security cables and hitch pin along. You would also be able to open the trunk because this rack tilts away. 

Compare Kuat Sherpa 2.0 with another top rack. 

Hollywood Racks Destination

  • 2 Bikes
  • Hitch
hollywood bike rack 4 bikes
Hollywood 4 bike rack

None of the above-mentioned racks offers a solution to carrying electric bikes because of the low weight carrying capacity. Destination from Hollywood racks is a popular rack with outstanding customer satisfaction.

One of the best 1 1 4 hitch bike racks which also fits a 2-inch receiver, means it will work with class 2 or 3 receivers and as long as you are comfortable buying the hitch separately, this rack would perform as the best bike racks for Toyota Camry.

This rack is available in 2 and 4-bike capacities, but it has a separate e-bike version that carries only two e-bikes. As compared to other hitch bike racks compatible with Camry, it costs less and offers many benefits such as included security locks, foldable structure, and tilt-away features with bikes loaded. Other than that, the e-bike version has a ramp for easier loading of e-bikes. 

A detailed review of Hollywood racks Destination. 

ProRide: Best roof bike rack for Toyota Camry

ProRide is an economical option from roof bike racks for Camry but buying roof rails or crossbars might cost you an additional $100-$250. But this rack is less expensive than the total cost of hitch bike racks and trailer hitch and would let you open the trunk easily throughout the road trip.

Also, you can leave it on the top of your car because its installation takes some time. But unlike other roof racks, you will not have to remove the front wheel of your bike so the bike can be loaded quickly and safely.

This rack is suitable for Camry because it is only 56.9 inches in height and installing ProRide over it, will not cause overhead clearance issues. You can acquire this rack if you want to carry a 44 lbs bike on your car without any frame contact.

ProRide ensures the safety of bike frames because it grips bikes through the wheels and that is why we consider it one of the safest bike racks for Toyota Camry. 

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