The Best Bike Rack Lincoln Navigator 2022

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Lincoln Navigator 2022
Bike Rack for Lincoln Navigator 2022

Choosing the best bike rack for a new car can be tough because the compatibility of the car, bike, and bike rack has to be analyzed beforehand. A bike rack can only be bought if it can be attached to the car and can fit the type of bike (or bikes) you own.  For instance, you can buy a spare tire rack for Lincoln but not a truck bed bike rack. So, before you decide on the brand of bike rack you must be clear about your requirements. This guide is presented after thorough research about Navigator and compatible racks. You can go through it and make the best decision on the bike rack Lincoln Navigator 2022.

Shortlisting the Best Bike rack Lincoln Navigator in 2022

Lincoln Navigator is built as an SUV and is a full-size luxury vehicle. It is a product of Ford Motor Company and is the heaviest of Lincoln production. It’s the first of its kind to accommodate more than six people and has the greatest cargo capacity. Like most SUVs, Lincoln has a roof rail and a tow package option. It also has a good towing capacity leaving us with many bike rack options. You can follow the steps mentioned below to come up with the most suitable bike rack for your Lincoln Navigator.

Step 1: Find out bike rack types compatible with Lincoln 

Based on the part of the vehicle where the bike rack attaches, these are the following types of bike racks:

Roof bike rack

Roof bike racks can only be attached to the car top if roof rails are added. The Lincoln Navigator 2022 already has raised side rails which make it suitable for a roof bike rack. But you must keep in mind that some bike racks also require other parts such as crossbars, for attachment on the roof. If this is the case, you can get the right roof rail for your car. These racks can be advantageous since it does not hinder the opening of the tailgate.

Although roof bike rack-Lincoln compatibility is good, it is not recommended since the vehicle is higher than usual cars.  The Lincoln Navigator 2022 is already 78.3 inches high. Carrying the bike on top of it might create issues while parking under low-roof buildings and can also be subjected to wind resistance. Moreover, loading the bike on the roof is a two-person job that might not be suitable for everyone.

Hitch bike rack

Hitch bike racks are easy to use because you do not have to lift the bikes much. These racks are installed on a hitch with a specific hitch receiver size. They are also a great way to carry heavy bikes or multiple bikes. Since Lincoln Navigator has a high towing capacity i.e., 6200 pounds, we recommend hitch-mount racks for it. For a hitch bike rack, Lincoln must have a hitch receiver. When buying Lincoln, you can also buy a weight-distributing hitch or the Class IV Heavy-Duty Trailer Towing Package depending on the weight you want to carry on the bike rack. 

A Hitch bike rack Lincoln can be a great choice since it is easy to operate and does not interfere with driving. It also makes the process of loading and unloading the bike fairly comfortable. The only problem with this bike rack is that since it increases the length of the vehicle, it can affect the reversing of the car and you will not have access to the tailgate.

Spare tire bike rack

A spare tire bike rack can also be a good option for your Lincoln navigator. The vehicle already has a full-size spare tire at the back to which you can attach a spare tire bike rack. Loading and unloading a bike from a spare tire bike rack in Lincoln is much easier than loading it on a roof bike rack. It will also save the interior space of the vehicle.

One issue with this rack type is that, unlike the hitch bike rack, it can carry bikes in a limited number and weight. So, if you have more than one bike or heavy bike such as an e-bike or fat bike, all spare tire bike racks might not be suitable for you.

Truck bed bike rack

Truck bed bike racks are not suitable for Lincoln Navigator 2022 since there is no truck bed in the vehicle.

Step 2: Confirm compatibility of the rack with your bike

Once you have decided on the bike rack type that can be perfectly adjusted on your Lincoln, you need to move to the second step. Bikes come in different sizes, weights, and features. You need to analyze the compatibility between your bike and the bike rack, Lincoln will attach to. you need to consider the following:

Weight of bike

It is important to manage the weight of the bike(s), bike rack, and vehicle for a smooth and stable driving experience. If you have heavy bikes such as mountain bikes or e-bikes, a platform bike rack or hinge bike rack will be suitable. And in the case of relatively lightweight bikes, a spare tire or trunk bike rack can serve the purpose.

Dimensions of bike

Some bike racks work by hanging the bikes while some grip the bikes through the top tube or wheel. The dimensions of bikes must be kept in mind while buying such racks. Bike racks that attach to the wheel of the bike mostly accommodate limited widths of tires. If you want a bike rack suitable for different sizes of wheels you should find one with a wide range of acceptable dimensions. Otherwise, your bike will not be secured to the rack and it might get damaged.

Type of bike

Bikes made for kids or women have different dimensions and features. If you want to travel with such bikes, you will have to select the bike rack, Lincoln will attach to.

Step 3: Evaluate your biking conditions

Number of bikes

If you have only one bike, the decision can be much easier. You may get a spare tire bike rack for Lincoln Navigator. But if you own two or more bikes, a spare tire bike rack will not be suitable since it does not cater to multiple bikes most of the time. If you travel along with more than one bike, you can get a hitch receiver for your Lincoln and travel without worrying.

Traveling path

The road you take while driving also matters. If you want to travel on a rough path, you must ensure that the bike is safely secured in the bike rack. You can buy bike racks that have an advanced locking system that prevents your bikes from scratching while you are on a bumpy track.

Contact-free attachment  

An important thing to decide is whether you want a bike rack that grips your bike or a contact-free bike rack. If you have an expensive bike and you are risk-averse, it is best to opt for a contact-free bike rack for your Navigator.


The bike rack choice is largely based on how much you want to spend on it. Many brands are selling a variety of bike racks ranging from affordable to expensive models. If you want an economical purchase, a trunk or spare tire bike rack will be suitable. But if you have very expensive bikes, we would recommend you do not take any risk and buy a platform or hinge bike rack. Since it saves the bikes, it can be cost-effective in a long run.

Step 4: Decide the most suitable rack for Lincoln Navigator 2022 from our suggested list

1. Thule T2 Pro XTR – Premium Platform

Thule T2 Bike Rack for Lincoln Navigator
Thule T2 for Lincoln Navigator

Thule T2 Pro is the most recommended rack for many different vehicles. The reason for its popularity is its high value and premium quality. This rack does not have any frame contact with bikes. You can install it on your Lincoln Navigator if you have a 1 ¼” or 2” hitch receiver. This rack is made for carrying two bikes and it is compatible with carbon frames and e-bikes. The only limitation is the high price, but nothing exceptional comes at a low price.

Pros Bike safety, E-bike compatible
Cons Overpriced
Rating 4.6 out of 5

Price Around $700

Thule Apex XT – Premium Swing Away

Thule Apex for Lincoln Navigator
Thule Apex for Lincoln Navigator

Want a premium hanging-style bike carrier for your Lincoln? Thule Apex is a great rack that would let you carry a maximum of 5 bikes. This rack ensures that you have access to the car trunk at all times thanks to the tilting feature. We highly recommend the 4-bike version because it also comes with a swing-away option.

Pros High bike accommodation, Full access to the trunk, and Good quality
Cons Frame contact

Rating 4.5 out of 5

Price Around $700

YAKIMA, Hangover– Premium | Vertical Hitch 6 Bike Rack

YAKIMA, Hangover– Premium | Vertical Hitch 6 Bike Rack
YAKIMA, Hangover– Premium | Vertical Hitch 6 Bike Rack

If you own multiple bikes and want to carry them on a hitch mount rack, we recommend Yakima Hangover. This rack would let you carry up to 6 bikes and would take up minimum space. The bikes are held together compactly adjacent to each other. The problem with this rack is frame contact. We recommend it only for lightweight bikes. Also, hanging bike racks are not suitable for carbon frames considering the high price. Other than that, it is a good option for carrying other bikes. The rack does not have multiple high-end features but it serves its purpose well. 

*Please note that for this specific rack please consult with the manufacturer if it would be compatible with your van, SUV or RV.

Pros Brand Quality

Cons High Price
Rating 4.4 out of 5

Price Around $500

Kuat Sherpa 2.0 and Thule EasyFold XT

Kuat Sherpa and Thule EasyFold are two leading racks according to our R score-based rating system. We have performed a detailed analysis to compare both these racks since they can be recommended to anyone having two bikes but is that all? These racks differ in load-carrying capacity, price, and other features. To find out which one of them would be the suitable Lincoln bike rack, read our detailed comparison review. Review the detailed comparison here

Which bike rack for Lincoln MKZ?

Lincoln MKZ is a luxury sedan that was manufactured by Ford. The car accommodates 5 passengers, has a trunk, and is not very high. Accordingly, the most suitable bike rack for this vehicle can either be a trunk bike rack (if you have one or two bikes) or a hitch bike rack (for more than two bikes).

Which bike rack for Lincoln MKC?

Lincoln MKC is a CUV manufactured by Ford. Crossbar rails are available as Lincoln MKC accessories and can be used to fix a roof bike rack, but since the vehicle is high, a hitch bike rack will be more suitable. 

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