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Scared of getting out in this chilly weather? If you are a cycling enthusiast you won’t sit back until summer and would look for winter apparel for comfortable rides throughout the season. Warm cycling pants are a winter wardrobe must-have. These come in different fabrics and a variety of features so sometimes it gets hard to decide on the best winter cycling pants.  

In this article, we have shortlisted the 6 best winter pants for mountain and road bike riders. You will find out which pants are the best suited for the cold, rainy, and mild winter season. You can also go through the brief guide to select the best pants.

Product Brand Check price
Best economical cycling pants for cold temperatures (economical)Winter Cycling PantsROCKBROSAmazon 
Best cold temperatures cycling pantsMen’s Windproof Fleece Winter PantsSouke SportsAmazon 
Best winter rain cycling pantsCycling Sorpasso ROS Wind BibtightCastelli Amazon
Best winter cycling baselinerMen’s HeatGear LeggingsUnder Armour Amazon
Best women’s winter cycling pantsR3 Women’s Long Thermo TightsGORE WEAR Amazon
Best mild winter cycling pantsWinter Cycling PantsINBIKE Amazon

Shortlisted winter cycling pants

ROCKBROS Winter Cycling Pants

The Rockbros winter cycling pants are made of 92% polyester while the rest is spandex. These are the best winter cycling pants for cold temperatures because they have 3 thermal layers. The inside layer is made of fleece which would keep you warm even on a snowy day.

Rockbros winter cycling pants are not only windproof but also have a waterproof layer which makes them usable in snow or rain. These pants are quite comfortable and the elastic waist and drawstrings make them highly adjustable. 

Moreover, the pants are stitched using high-quality techniques. Since they are made suitable for cycling, the knees are made with an elastic fabric. This reduces the pressure on the knees while moving. Because of this, the pants are versatile and you can use them for cycling, skiing, hiking, running, or other activities during very cold temperatures. 

You can get any size from small to 3X large and an added advantage is due to the adjustable straps around the pants openings. So whenever you are riding your bike, you can adjust these straps to secure the fabric close to your skin. These pants have multiple pockets and are visible at night thanks to the reflective strips. 

Rockbros winter cycling pants

Souke Sports Men’s Windproof Fleece Winter Hiking Running Cycling Pants

The Souke Sports winter cycling pants are also among the top choices. These are available in a variety of colors and sizes. You can choose from green, navy, black, and grey and have an aesthetic edge over other winter cycling pants. They have a matt look and are not shiny. 

If you are looking for the best winter cycling pants and you live in states with winter temperatures below freezing, you should check out these Souke Sports pants. They have three layers of warm fabric that make them windproof and trap the inner heat. 

If you have bought cycling pants before, you would know how difficult it is to find waterproof pants without compromising on breathability. The Souke Sports winter cycling pants are surface treated to resist water but since breathable material is used on the back side, you will not be sweating. 

These pants can be used during rainfall or snowfall but because the back side is not totally waterproof, it might get wet and soak water under heavy rain. Like ROCKBROS winter pants, Souke Sports pants also have a night visibility feature. Velcro straps are present on the bottom of each leg to adjust the bottom opening. 

The Souke Sports winter cycling pants are curved in a way that the knee area can be stretched for a comfortable ride. Also, the pants have an elastic waist and drawstrings for an adjustable fit. Thus the versatile pants can be used for many activities such as cycling, climbing, running, etc but only in winter. You can also use them indoors as your everyday sweatpants. 

Souke Sports winter cycling pants

GORE WEAR R3 Women’s Long Thermo Tights

Gore Wear’s R3 Women’s Long Thermo Tights are the best winter cycling pants for women. These pants are a tight fit and are made of Gore-selected fabrics. Gore produces top-quality accessories for outdoor activities. For apparel, they use GORE Windstopper or GORE-Tex otherwise they look for good quality fabrics in the market. Similarly, the R3 Thermo Tights are also made with hand-picked warm material.

The pants are made with breathable fabric that does not allow sweating but still it is among the best winter cycling tights because of the inner fleece lining. It has a very impressive look with a zip pocket and side pockets and the drawstrings keep them in place for a nice fit. On the bottom, they have zips for ankles. 

So if you are looking for cycling pants for very low temperatures, Gore Wear’s R3 Women’s Long Thermo Tights would meet your expectations. You can even use them in areas as cold as 15℉ in winter and you would see how comfortably you will ride your bike. 

Gore Wear’s R3 Women’s Long Thermo Tights

Castelli Cycling Sorpasso ROS Wind Bibtight

Castelli Cycling Sorpasso ROS Wind Bibtight is also a good choice for comfortable winter cycling. And since it is made solely of spandex, it can be used for cycling in rain. These bib tights are the coziest and will keep you warm throughout the cold season. 

It is made of a nano flex 3G material that allows stretching, repels water, insulates internal heat, and is soft. The bib straps are elastic and that is why it fits perfectly on the user. The Castelli Bibtight has certain other features that bring it to the top of the best winter cycling pants. 

It has a seat pad for convenience during long rides. These seat pads employ the Progetto X2 Air Seamless technology. These seat pads are made with varying thicknesses according to the part of the body. In this case, it is thicker under the bones where you sit and thin on the sides. 

It also has zippers on the ankle for easy wearing and taking off. The upper front part is made of Gore Windstopper while nano flex 3G is used for the rest of the tights. All these features make it the snuggest and most reliable pants for riders who stay outdoors for longer periods. These Castelli Bibtights have reflective parts for better nighttime visibility.

Castelli Cycling Sorpasso ROS Wind Bibtight

INBIKE Winter Cycling Pants

Most of the winter cycling pants on market are for very cold weather but what should you get if you live in a moderately cold region or if your state only experiences mild winter? The Inbike winter cycling pants are among the best winter cycling pants for mild winter. These will keep you warm in cold but you will not be sweating in mild winter. 

These are made of polyester and have high breathability. The material used for the inner lining quickly dries and is moisture-wicking. The pants are comfortable because of their stretchability. The fabric used is windproof so you can enjoy a bike ride on a cold day but it’s not fully waterproof so we do not recommend them for a rainy day. 

The pants are highly adjustable owing to the elastic waistline and drawstrings. It also has reflective strips that contribute to nighttime visibility. The pockets are enough for carrying the necessities along. These zip pockets along with the zip design on the leg make the pants look good. 

INBIKE Winter Cycling Pants

Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Leggings

If you live in extremely cold regions, only winter cycling pants would be enough. To keep yourself safe from the freezing winter wind, you would have to buy baseliners to wear under your outfit. According to our research, Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Leggings can serve as the best winter cycling pants baseliner. 

These are made with 84% polyester while the rest is elastane. This material has a moisture-wicking capability that prevents sweat and provides ventilation. The waistband can be stretched wide because of elastic material so you can easily fit in it. 

These leggings are available in over 15 colors and various sizes from extra small to 3X large. They allow easy movement thanks to high stretchability and this makes them the best baselayer for winter use. You can trust them for keeping you warm in temperatures below freezing. 

Leggings stay close to the skin and these Under Armour HeatGear Leggings provide insulation and do not lose body heat. Moreover, the material used for its production keeps the wind from reaching the skin. But even after this, you will feel that the baseliner is very light and breathable. 

Under Armour Men’s HeatGear Leggings

Buyers guide for purchasing the best winter cycling pants 

There are some things that we suggest you should consider before purchasing winter cycling pants. We will look into them one by one below.


The first thing you need to clarify is the range of temperature in winter in the region you live in. Thus if you have mildly cool temperatures, you can get winter cycling tights that do not make you sweat a lot or overheat your legs after a long ride. In colder temperatures, like below 50°F, you can get fleece-lined winter cycling pants. And at temperatures below freezing, we would recommend that you get a baselayer pair of pants to wear under your everyday pants. 

Rainy winter

If you experience frequent rainfall in your region, it is better to invest in good quality waterproof cycling pants that also keep you warm. If it rains only for a few days you can even get water-repellent pants that are not fully waterproof. But in case of heavy rainfall, they will soak so for such a season, it is better to get fully waterproof pants but make sure that they are breathable. 

Would it get hot on the way back when the sun is out?

If the temperatures vary day and night or you want to get cycling pants for the mild winter season, you should get pants with a fabric that has a moisture-wicking ability. Also, make sure that the fabric is breathable to avoid severe heating and sweating.

Bib pants vs regular pants

Bib pants or tights are made to optimize the exact fit for an individual. They can define the cycling positions in a better way as compared to regular pants. Bib tights also allow you to stretch while maintaining your comfort level. But the flexibility reduces to some extent when the bib tights are lined with material for winter use. On the other side, regular pants usually have a loose fit but they are held tight to the body due to elastic waist and drawstrings.

Frequently asked questions about winter cycling pants 

How do cyclist keep their legs warm in the winter?

Cyclists buy winter cycling pants to keep themselves warm during bike rides. These pants are different from pants worn in summer. Winter cycling pants are made with materials such as polyester and fleece to keep the legs warm. Mostly windproof fabric is used while some pants are also waterproof so you can use them in snow or rainfall. Cyclists also go bib tights if they want something intact with their bodies. They are comfortable and are also available in warm winter fabrics.

What are the best winter cycling trousers?

The best winter cycling pants for you would depend on where you live and how cold the temperature gets in your region. If you live in a state with a mild winter season, you can get sweat-wicking pants that are breathable. You should look for 2-layer cycling pants that would not overheat your legs. But for colder regions, windproof cycling pants with 3 layers and inner fleece lining would be the best such as  ROCKBROS and Souke Sports Winter Cycling Pants.

What are cycling tights?

Cycling tights or bib tights are used by most cyclists to keep themselves warm. The winter cycling tights are mostly lined with fleece and are full-length as compared to ¾-length summer tights. These are an essential part of your winter wardrobe if you go frequently for cycling. Most cycling tights have seat pads for a more comfortable riding experience. 

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