Best winter cycling gloves for cold and rainy bike days!

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Adjusting biking gear to the weather is an additional challenge during winter. Clothing to wear while you leave early during the day can vary greatly from what you need during climbs and while returning when the temperature is normally higher. Ideally, all cyclists want to target the right balance between keeping warm and avoiding extra weight unless really needed.

Bike gloves are a clothing item that can make a huge impact on how you feel. They keep you warm during the early morning chill when most cyclists begin their rides, high-speed downhill rides, and generally when it’s too cold outside. Apart from that they also keep your hands safe from scratches and burns during falls. Selecting the best winter cycling gloves is tricky because you have to ensure a level of breathability, insulation, and dexterity.

In this article, we will look into the features and benefits of our 5 top picks. And to make your decision easier, we will also talk about the factors that should be considered while selecting the best gloves for winter.

Bike Recommended forProductBrand Check price
Commuter BikesBest cycling gloves when it is snowing outside Mountain/Commuter Pogie Handlebar MittensBar MittsAmazon
Roadies & MTBsBest cycling gloves when it is raining outsideDiluvio C Cycling Winter GlovesCastelliAmazon
Economical Best mild cycling Winter glovesWinter Outdoor Sports GlovesAndyshiAmazon
Roadies & MTBsBest cycling gloves when it has just started to get coldLiner 2.0 GlovesUnder ArmourAmazon
Roadies & MTBsBest women cycling gloves for winterLa DNDGiroAmazon 
Best winter cycling gloves

Bar Mitts Handlebar Mittens

The handlebar mittens are designed for cold-weather rides on mountain or commuter bikes. They are highly versatile thanks to a range of sizes and designs to suit the bar ends. The mittens are made up of nylon and neoprene and keep the hands so warm that you can ride comfortably at even 20°F. This makes them the best winter cycling gloves when it is snowing outside. 

These handlebar mittens are available in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. The small and medium sizes would be suitable if you want to wear regular gloves or no gloves under the mittens. However, if the weather is freezing cold you may want to wear thick gloves and for that, you should get large or extra-large mittens. 

You can also choose from a standard, left-side opening and two openings according to your need. The standard mittens do not have any openings at the end of the bar. If you want to use a mirror at the bar end, you can get the mittens that have an opening on the left side. 

Installing these mittens is child’s play which means you can easily remove and install them when the weather demands. So if you are looking for the best pair of gloves to ride in snow or extremely cold weather, Bar Mitts handlebar mittens can be a go-to. 

Bar Mitts Handlebar mittens

Castelli Diluvio C Cycling Winter Gloves

Castelli is among the top reliable brands for cycling gloves. The Diluvio C gloves are available in black and red colors and in three sizes. The neoprene technology makes them the best winter cycling gloves when it is raining outside. 

Japanese neoprene is used which is the best quality. It makes the gloves stretchable so you can have a snug fit. The high-end Diluvio C gloves can provide a comfortable riding experience on a winter rainy day. 

You will not have to compromise on dexterity because the palms of these gloves have silicone grip so you can easily grab things or apply brakes. Moreover, the gloves provide insulation that keeps the hands both warm and dry in rainfall. The cuffs are also extended to stop cold air or rainwater from reaching the hands. 

Diluvio C Glove work fine at 41°F to 61°F. These gloves will work best for people who are not comfortable with bulky ones. They will work perfectly in cold weather or rain, but they are not breathable at all. 

Castelli Diluvio C Winter Biking Gloves

Andyshi Winter Outdoor Sports Gloves 

If you are looking for the best winter cycling gloves for mild winters, you should check out the Andyshi winter gloves. These unisex gloves are wind and waterproof and we recommend them for temperatures above 30°F. They have a zipper closure system and are made of breathable material. 

The palm region and fingers of these gloves are made up of polyurethane leather. This material makes the gloves anti-slip and thus they are compatible with touch screens. So, if you are tired of gloves that make using phones difficult, Andyshi gloves would be the right cycling gloves for you. 

On the inside, the gloves are lined with good-quality fleece that will keep your hands warm. They also secure the wrist with an elastic material and that part is also covered in velvet. This prevents any cold air to enter and makes the gloves comfy. 

The best part is that these gloves are suitable for most outdoor activities and not just biking. For example, you can use it for driving, skiing, hiking, fishing, climbing, and much more. Andyshi gloves are also suitable for use in rainfall. Considering the value they provide at a low cost, they have a high value for money.

Andyshi Winter Outdoor Sports Gloves

Under Armour Men’s Armour Liner 2.0 Gloves

If you are looking for gloves that are thin, light, and suitable for the mild winter season, then you should get the Under Armour Liner 2.0 Gloves. You can use them alone between 25°F and 40°F or you can wear them under warmer gloves. These are available in numerous color combinations and all sizes. 

The liners are made of polyester and elastane of high quality. There is no zip or hooks, just pull-on closure and it is not a problem since they are fit. You can either wear them alone in mild winter or pair them with another set of gloves. And since they are very thin, they can be worn under warmer gloves or with handlebar mittens. 

The 2.0 liners are the best winter cycling gloves when it has just started to get cold. They are not fully waterproof but can repel water to some extent. For example, if there is a splash of fluid the glove liners will not let your hands be wet but if you constantly expose them to rainfall they will get saturated. Apart from that, they are super soft and the material on your fingers even allows you to use touchscreen devices. 

Under Armour Liner 2.0 Gloves

Giro La DND Women’s Mountain Cycling Gloves

Are you looking for cycling gloves for women that are suitable for the winter season? If so, you should check out the Giro La DND gloves. Giro is a reliable brand and produces remarkable accessories for bikers. 

The gloves are available in more than 10 colors in varying sizes. They have a hook and loop system for closure, and it fits perfectly on the users’ hands thanks to the flex zones. Due to this the gloves do not look very bulky and give a natural feel to your hands. 

The gloves are padded by techno gel which has great pressure distribution abilities. This keeps your hands warm and protects you if you have an accident. 

Giro La DND gloves are also compatible with touch screens because there is a conductive fiber in the fingertips. These premium gloves are made with breathable material.

Factors to consider while purchasing the best winter cycling gloves?

Are they warm enough for your environment? 

While looking for the right winter gloves, you must make sure that they are warm enough. This depends on the weather of the area in which you’re situated. For example, if you live in Texas or Florida you will not require gloves with very high insulation because you wouldn’t want your hands to sweat during cycling. 

For such regions with mildly cold winters, you may only get liner gloves such as Under Armour’s Liner 2.0 Gloves, and even if there is an unexpected cold spell, these can be easily paired with warmer gloves. Mild winters call for windproof gloves but they do not have to be padded for warmth. 

But if you live in cold states like North Dakota or Vermont, you will require warmer pair of gloves. These gloves should also be windproof but they should also provide insulation and prevent loss of any heat. But since you are looking for the best winter cycling gloves, they should not have a thick thermal layer like skiing gloves. 

Are they good for rainy days? 

Cycling gloves for winter should be waterproof to some extent because even if you do not have a problem with wet hands during biking, in winter it can be a big deal. It is up to you to decide how much protection you need in terms of waterproof gloves. There are mostly two approaches that most brands use, i.e., waterproof fabric or treatment of glove surface with a durable water repellent (DWR). 

Waterproof gloves have a perforated layer on the inside and are laminated on the outside so no water drops get inside. While DWR gloves have a treated surface that stops water droplets from entering for a certain period. Although these gloves cannot replace waterproof gloves since they maintain breathability, you can choose from the two types depending on your biking requirement. 

Is the brand reliable? 

Before purchasing any product you should look into the brand value. Some brands charge more for their premium products which is fine as far as they are providing you with a high-quality product or experience. But you can only rely on and pay them for an expensive product if they have a good reputation. For example, Castelli and Giro are reliable and have produced some of the best winter cycling gloves. 

Would they help in case of a fall?

Some winter gloves can protect your hands in case of an accident. But that depends on whether they are padded or not. For example, the Giro La DND gloves have a 2mm EVA crash padding and this has the ability to absorb shock. So, if you are looking for both protection and warmth in gloves, you should check for the level of padding. 

Are they compatible with the summer season as well?

Most winter gloves for cycling have an inner lining that traps heat inside. If they are made of breathable material, they may be used in the spring season but not in the summer season.  

Do they fit you well and comfortably?

Always select the best winter cycling gloves that fit your hands perfectly. Oversized or extremely tight gloves cause a lot of inconveniences while riding. Moreover, the oversized gloves would also have a loose wrist grip which would let the freezing wind inside on a cold day. All gloves have a range of available sizes so you can choose the best fit. 

Are they touch screen compatible?

Most of the new glove designs are compatible with touch screens. They allow you to use all the touchscreen devices when you are wearing them. In this way, you don’t have to waste time by removing the gloves to answer your phone or reply to a message. While choosing the best winter cycling gloves make sure that they allow sensitive touch to your devices. For example, the Andyshi Winter Gloves have touchscreen compatibility. 

Benefits of wearing gloves while cycling

  • Keep your hands dry by soaking the sweat
  • Padded gloves absorb shock and provide comfort
  • The first layer of defense in case of an accident 
  • Winter biking gloves keep hands warm at chilling temperatures 
  • Waterproof gloves keep hands dry during rain

Disadvantages of wearing gloves while cycling

  • Thick gloves lower the dexterity 
  • Using the brakes might get difficult
  • Some gloves are not made of breathable material which leads to sweating 

Difference between winter and summer biking gloves

Summer biking gloves are made with light material without much padding. These gloves are breathable and do not let the hands sweat. Half-finger gloves can also be used in winter. The major difference is the material. While winter biking gloves are made with warm fabric or insulating material, summer gloves are made with fabrics that absorb sweat and are breathable and airy. Most cycling gloves for winter are windproof while summer gloves are not. 

FAQs about the best winter cycling gloves

Which are the best winter road bike gloves?

The selection of the best winter road bike gloves depends on the weather conditions. If the weather is beginning to get a bit cool, you can use the Under Armour Liner 2.0 Gloves and they will work just fine at temperatures ranging from 30-40°F. If the weather is colder, the Castelli Diluvio C or Andyshi Winter gloves would serve the purpose. But if the temperature is freezing, we recommend you get the Bar Mitt handlebar mittens as well because gloves alone will not be enough. 

When to wear winter cycling gloves?

It depends on when you start getting uncomfortable with the cold breeze. Winters can be tough for bikers because, at some point, the cold starts to hurt the hands. It is better to purchase the best cycling gloves and enjoy biking throughout the season. 

Are cycling gloves waterproof?

Yes. Some cycling gloves are waterproof. They have an outer layer made up of waterproof material such as polyester or the outer surface is treated with certain water repellent. These gloves can provide you with a great riding experience during rainfall. 

Do cycling gloves keep hands warm while biking?

Yes. Windproof gloves keep hands warm while biking. Winter biking gloves have an inner lining of a fabric that insulates and traps the heat inside.

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